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Tweet RPG, roleplaying on Twitter

DavidThe following article was written by Sam Richards, a Creative Writing graduate and geek from Wiltshire, UK. I’ve known about Tweet RPG for a while, always seeing fragments of their story on Twitter, but never truely understanding what they do, so I asked Sam for more detail.

Tweet rpg

Tweet RPG uses Twitter to provide users with an innovative new way of enjoying text-based adventures

If you want to enjoy fun, free, follower-defined adventures on Twitter, then get involved with Tweet RPG! All you need is a Twitter account and an imagination.

Tweet RPG takes the create-your-own-adventure format of roleplaying games and morphs it into a truly social and multiplayer experience. Stories progress through updates posted on Twitter, with a set of options at the end of each update. The players then have a twelve-hour window to cast their vote as to how the adventure should continue, with the majority choice shaping the story. All it takes is one tweet to change the hero’s destiny!

There are other elements that add to the fun as well. Individual players sometimes get the chance to shape the story alone, combat and stat test add risk and danger, and character creation enables you to build the protagonist of the adventure. Although the action takes place on Twitter, there are also extended prologues, epilogues, and story summaries to read on the Tweet RPG blog.

There have been four Tweet RPG adventures so far, and each one has touched on a completely different genre of fiction – something for everyone! We’ve had medieval fantasy, anime-inspired science fiction, neo-noir mystery, and a tongue-in-cheek nod towards classic videogaming. Some adventures are one-shots, and others are ongoing series.

If you want some RPG fun in your timeline, and to play adventures whilst meeting new people and having a laugh, join in with Tweet RPG today! Follow @tw33t_rpg on Twitter – and have a look at the Tweet RPG blog too.