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The easy way to submit to the Alien August competition

Alien monster

Although technically nothing to do with OngoingWorlds, this might be of interest to you. By reading this blog I can assume that you:

  1. are a creative person
  2. enjoy writing

Am I right? Well if that’s the case you’d be interested in submitting to Alien August, a competition ran by my brother on his blog at – and it’d be great to see someone from OngoingWorlds win! To enter, all you have to do is come up with an interesting alien, the more unique the better, and write about it (no more than 1000 words). Some people find this easier than others, so here’s an easy way to get you thinking about aliens:

Find a cool alien photo

Not sure about you, but I find it easier to describe an alien if I’ve got a picture in front of me. There’s a great gallery of 100 monsters here, and also a Pinterest board of aliens here.

Come up with a unique alien characteristic

Mark mentioned on the latest SciFi Ideas podcast (you’ll hear my voice on there too!) that the best aliens are ones with one interesting and unique concept that defines them. To get you started, there’s a random generator here that comes up with interesting alien descriptions – very useful for coming up with ideas.

Submit your alien

You’ll find full details about the competition and how to submit your alien here:

Hopefully this has been useful to help you think about inventing your own alien, whether you’re planning to enter the Alien August competition or not. If you do & you’re an OngoingWorlds member, post on Twitter with the hashtag #AlienAugust & I’ll retweet with the @OngoingWorlds account.