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OngoingWorlds now has over 1000 likes on Facebook

OngoingWorlds has 1000 likes can you help us get moreI’m very pleased to announce that OngoingWorlds has this week surpassed over 1000 likes on Facebook!

This means that 1000 Facebook users have selected to ‘like’ our fan page, where we post links to our blog articles, news about roleplaying, and funny photos for roleplayers and writers.

I’m glad we’ve got a community building on there, as (I’m sure you know already) unlike most roleplaying communities, OngoingWorlds doesn’t have a community forum. This was actually intended, as when I created the OngoingWorlds website I wanted to focus on making the best website for roleplaying, without necessarily trying to replace any of the already great roleplaying communities that already exist like roleplayhub, RPrepository or RPG-Directory that already go a great job of providing a place for roleplayers to chat.

When I created OngoingWorlds I wanted to give users the best place to roleplay, not replace any of these great communities for roleplayers. They’re great communities to join, and chat with other roleplayers, and especially great places to invite other roleplayers to your game (especially RPG-Directory, they have a section for you to post adverts)!

Anyway, I’ve gotten off the point a bit. Yes, our Facebook fanpage is great, If you haven’t already, visit it here and click “like”, and also share it with your roleplayer friends so they can like it too!