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How to join a game on Ongoing Worlds

Joining a game on Ongoing Worlds is easy, and the process has been made as easy as possible for the GM to quickly review your application process so that they can decide whether or not to allow you into their game.

Browse the available games

Click on “All Games” to see a list of all available games.

click all games

Click ‘All Games’

You will be shown a list of all games, including a thumbnail photo for each, a description, and the titles of the two latest posts. You may find the game blackjack casino, it is an enjoyable game and even a newbie can play it, try it, you might get addicted to it! Look carefully at the dates of the latest posts, if they were posted a very long time ago, there’s a good possibility that this game has been abandoned. Also look at the number of players, it’s likely that you’ll want a game with more than a few players, but a high number of players might mean the game is very active.

all games

Browse games for one you want to join

Select the game by clicking on the title link. You will now be taken to the game’s homepage, where you will see the full description, and a list of latest posts.

click join this game

Click ‘Join this game’

Join this game

To join this game, click on “Join this game” on the left.

Login or Register first

You need to login for the next step. If you already have an account login with your username and password. If you’re a new user, click register now and fill in your details.

login or register

Login or Register

Apply for the game by creating a character

To apply to join this game, you’ll have to create a character profile for the character you want to play in this game. This will be shown to the Moderators of the game, and they will have two choices:

  • Approve – This means they have approved you to join the game. You’ll be sent an email saying you can now post to the game. You will be able to write a post which will be seen by everyone else in the game.
  • Deny – The Moderators of this game have seen your character profile and not approved you. You will get an email from them with a personal message explaining why they have declined you from joining the game.

Fill in the Character Application form

The character application form will look something like the screenshot below, but it will be different for each game.

Join this game

Character application form

You will have to write the name of your character, age and gender on the form. There will also be a dropdown box with the title “Character Group”, select the group which your character will most likely fit in. For example, in Star Trek games, these character groups might be the departments onboard the spaceship that you character can work in.

The other fields will be different for each game, but most likely they will ask personal details about your character, like their race, appearance, and personality. Specify as much about your character as possible.

When you’re done, click “Create character and join game”.

You have successfully applied to join this game

You have successfully applied to join this game

Your application has now been sent to the Moderators of this game. You will now have to wait for them to either approve or deny you.

Reviewing your application

If you want to check the application profile you sent, you can do this at any time. Go back to the homepage for the game you’ve applied for (make sure you’re logged in) and you’ll see a box at the top of the page saying “You are a pending member of this game”.

Click on the name of the character, and you will see the character profile you created.

You are a pending member of this game

Review your character application

You can also edit the profile by clicking “Edit this character”.

Have a look at the games list

If you’re interested in joining a game, have a look at the games on Ongoing Worlds.