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Game Summaries from May 2015

Last months game summaries were collected for us by Embrystical, who volunteered. Thanks very much Embrystical! 

Blue Dwarf

It’s all gone a bit wibbly wobbly time wimey… We are almost (some of us already are) at the Alamo, getting ready to kick Mexican butt. However, all we need now is a way to actually win…

The Elite Club

Things begin to set the year in motion with the first party and field-trip along with the new arrivals of Dusty Appledale, May Honeybear and a Lilac Jones. And One student starts to get suspicious if the school and it’s motives…

The Avengers~Lower Levels

Team C is on a mission to protect a precious metal known as Vibranium in Wakanda. Otherwise, ya’ll be stuck on the hellicarrier. *makes childish loser symbol then slips into shadows*


Sapphire, Peter, and Daciana have rescued Cory. His is currently unconscious. Alice, Daciana, and Peter are thinking that they are being hunted.


After the invasion of the Cruorians in Kingsland and the unfortunate King’s death, Prince Kran has taken his rightful place on the throne. Hundreds of straggling cruorians still linger about however despite their dangerous nature without their leader- Romero- they are easy enough to control. Across the sea several political motions are being made. The Draconem still remain in shadow, except to select few, and the novians still under man’s foot.


Therese has just found out that Iron Works may be in danger from Orion and is on her way to warn them while the other Outkast are going about their everyday lives. Will she get there in time or will Iron Works fall into the hands of Orion forever. Only time will tell as the clock keeps ticking.

Another West

Farville used to be a quiet place. There’s been many killings in town lately. And that ain’t good. But it has made life more exciting! And there’s new blood coming in. Hope it doesn’t get spilt!!

Star Trek: Victory

The Victory Project Team ventures to FR-6, an installation in the sector of the Ildius System known as the Fringe; the former battlegrounds against the Followers of Nero. There, undercover, the team prepares to steal an experimental vessel and the project’s team leader.


After an extensive search, the ORIGIN expedition set out to DX-455, a jungle planet on the edge of the galaxy, in search of the Master Cipher, the last remaining archive of the Ironian written, spoken, and computer languages. While the ground teams sweep the planet for the final resting place of the Cipher, the orbital teams prepare to board a derelict Ironian dreadnought with a startling secret hiding aboard….


The Crew is waking up to the second day, having survived a crash, subsequent amnesia and an attack from giant bugs. Meanwhile a member of another airship is struggling to find the crew in a desperate quest for survival. Lastly, amidst the burning wreckage of the second airship a mysterious man emerges.