Game Summaries from June 2015

Last months game summaries were collected for us by Embrystical, who volunteered. Thanks very much Embrystical!

nova lux1. Nova Lux: A Revolution

After the passing of NMC’s Longtime CEO, Michael Edwin takes control of the company with sights set out to quell the situation on Sagan. Feeling the security on the planet is lacking, Edwin hires the outside help of Epsilon Private Military to help enforce security and fight against the Nova Lux Insurgency. Meanwhile, the Nova Lux outpost in Lapis-2134 hires the help of a friend to help arm the outposts for the inevitable trouble yet to come. Continue reading Game Summaries from June 2015

Story summary fixed

story summaryFor quite a while (probably since the last major update) the Story Summary input has been broken. But now it’s fixed, and you can continue adding your story summaries again.

If you don’t know what thsi feature is, there’s a video where I explain it here.

Thanks Jaxx for letting me know that it was broken. Continue reading Story summary fixed