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Game Summaries from June 2015

Last months game summaries were collected for us by Embrystical, who volunteered. Thanks very much Embrystical!

nova lux1. Nova Lux: A Revolution

After the passing of NMC’s Longtime CEO, Michael Edwin takes control of the company with sights set out to quell the situation on Sagan. Feeling the security on the planet is lacking, Edwin hires the outside help of Epsilon Private Military to help enforce security and fight against the Nova Lux Insurgency. Meanwhile, the Nova Lux outpost in Lapis-2134 hires the help of a friend to help arm the outposts for the inevitable trouble yet to come.

2. Mass Effect: After First Contact

This takes place one year after the First Contact War in 2158 CE with the Turians. The Turians attempts at a full-scale war against humanity was stopped by the Citadel Council. The Council intervened before hostilities escalate further, revealing the existence of the greater galactic community to humanity and brokering a peace between the Humans and the Turians. Unfortunately the Humans are not to forgiving with the Turians after the blood was spilled during First Contact so hatred is very common towards aliens. Keep in mind there are NO Human Spectres at this time and it is rare for Humans to work with aliens without being forced to. Only the Asari, Salarians and Turians have Spectres during this time. Commander Shepherd is just a 4 year old kid on Earth at this point. Human Biotics is also a new thing so only L1 can exist. L1 biotics can manipulate small objects, but their abilities are not strong enough to be offensively viable, because the L1s were implanted after puberty. Choose a race from the known Mass Effect history and guide them through the difficult times of danger and uncertainty that awaits them.

3. Spies Like Us

During the administration of President Ulysses Grant (1869-77), this story follows the lives of the Secret Agents of the very secret organization known as the “Round Table” as they solve crimes, protect the President, and foil the plans of megalomaniacal villains to take over all or part of the World. The Round Table was founded in England in the Victorian age and slowly spread across the world to maintain peace. The combination of the Victorian era time-frame and the use of Verne-esque technology give the story elements of the Steampunk subculture. The unending mission to protect the World from all manner of dangerous threats is continuous for the Agents. The Agents travel in luxury aboard their own train, the “Nomad”, equipped with everything from a stable car to a laboratory or they can travel by horse or Zeppelin. Each Agent will travel travel in disguise via name or appearance depending on the mission. Each candidate for the Round Table is carefully selected and once they graduate from their training they are assigned a code name, given funds and equipment and assigned various mission based on their skills. Choose your Spy, choose your code name and choose your mission.

4. Outkast

The battle between the Orion army and the Outkast rebels finally came to a bizarre ending as Dee was knocked out and Jo-Jo escaped from his head to lay waste on the Orion army as the Outkast made their escape from Jo-Jo. Terese and her companions managed help wake Dee up before Jo-Jo turned his attentions to the Outkasts. The Outkast captured the remaining Orion Soldiers who will be held accountable for their war crimes.

5. Hero High

While the students of Hero High are trying to deal with everyday life as well as the up coming Prom something mysterious is happening all over the world as large strange meteors are crashing all over earth and large squid like aliens are emerging and producing large amounts of smog into the air which is slowly blocking out the light. What will happen to earth and Hero High?

6. Blue Dwarf

It’s all gone a bit wibbly wobbly time wimey… We are almost (some of us already are) at the Alamo, getting ready to kick Mexican butt. However, all we need now is a way to actually win…

7. The Horror of Cthulhu- the As Yet Unwritten Tales

It is 1931 and the unwholesome shadows of antediluvian horrors have darkened the lives of a handful of ordinary men and women. Secrets long buried and submerged have been unearthed and have resurfaced. Unable to look away from the terrible atrocities, these ordinary men and women must challenge extraordinary things, not just for their own sake, but for the sake and souls of all the blissfully ignorant people of Earth.

Having averted a disaster that would have toppled a city and reshaped the east coast of America, this small band of undaunted adventurers have discovered a pattern of even more destructive efforts to scour the worlds oceans, seeking that deep and mysterious place where the undying monsters of the ageless past lay dreaming. In pursuit of those pernicious and dangerous agents who would ruin the world for their own gluttonous domination, our heroes will cross oceans and continents to try to stop the next event that might ruin countless lives. Or finally call forth the ultimate Horror that would ruin and enslave us all. From post-Depression America, through Iceland to England, these common and courageous stalwarts race to the bottom of the world to stop the Call of Cthulhu.