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Spelling Tips: Part IV

It’s been nearly three years since our last Spelling Tips article, which is actually the shortest period of time between posts in the series. In fact, technology has advanced so much that you don’t even need a keyboard to write posts these days. However, you still should keep these commonly misused words in mind…

Affect & Effect

  • Affect (verb): to act on or to produce change in
  • Effect (noun): something that is produced or changed by another

The Genesis device affected the nebula in what is known as the Genesis effect.

But then it gets weird…

  • Affect (noun): an emotional state or response
  • Effect (verb): to make happen

Confusing? You bet! Please don’t ask me for an example of these.

Are & Our

  • Are (verb): present plural form of to be
  • Our (pronoun): possessive plural form of we

Our readings are correct.

Assure & Insure (& Ensure)

  • Assure (verb): to inform positively of or to state confidence with
  • Insure (verb): to guarantee against loss or damage
    • Think insurance!
  • Ensure (verb): to guarantee

I assure you that I have taken steps to ensure that we are insured.

Averse & Adverse

  • Averse (adjective): against or in opposition to
  • Adverse (adjective): unfavorable or opposing in purpose

I am not averse to delivering an adverse report on your performance.

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