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Spelling Tips III

If you’ve been around here for a while, you might have already seen Spelling tips – It’s your game they’re looking for and its sequel, Spelling Tips: Part Deux. But that was seven and three years ago, respectively. Now seems as good a time as any for the next in the series. However, we all know that most franchises tend to go downhill with the third installment…

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Spelling Tips: Part Deux

Nearly four years ago, I published an article titled Spelling tips – It’s your game they’re looking for.  The concept was simple: Since what we do is sometimes called creative writing, shouldn’t we show some competency with the writing part?  We also certainly don’t want to turn new players off with our own poor spelling or grammar, right?  That piece covered the proper use of its/it’s, your/you’re, and there/their/they’re.  Today we’re going to look at five more situations that are often confused. Read More


Spelling tips – It’s your game they’re looking for

Obi Wan Kenobi

Nothing turns off new players to a game more than a poorly written post.  A misplaced apostrophe could very well send someone in search of a new role playing home away from your sim and to the next. Read More


Tib’s Corner – Plagues of the Writer

Rimmer Hey y’all! Tib here with a little misc post about stuff that regularly plagues the common writer. This will go through the most common things that can happen, such as simple grammar mistakes that make you explode in an unjoyful way. Here we-a go! Read More


Grammar lesson: Using dialogue tags correctly

1391969_678563025496024_1968337004_n-1This article was written by Chris (OngoingWorlds member: 11121519518)

I know that this is probably a little pedantic of me, but I’m kind of a grammar freak. (Im a, grammer freek.) I’m going to talk about dialogue tags and the punctuation involved in them.

There are some of you currently saying “What? What are dialogue tags?” I will tell you in the next sentence, because that is a very good question. Dialogue tags are the things you attach with dialogue, like “he said.” As I mentioned earlier, I will go over how these work and what punctuation to use when. Read More