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Non-text-based game based on text-based game!

starbug thruster

I love play-by-post games, they’re great. My favourite game, Blue Dwarf (which has been now running for 15 years!) inspired me last year to create a different type of game though. I called it Starbug Thruster, and made it last year, creating just a handful of levels to start with, because I didn’t know if it would be popular or a waste of my time – time that could be spend on working on OngoingWorlds changes & fixes 😉

So after the popularity of the HolOW-lens downloadable game that I made in April, I wondered if I should revisit this?

Based on a game…

What I’m most interested in knowing though, is if either of you guys had created anything based on your game, maybe a game, or a novel, or even artwork inspired by your play-by-post game on OngoingWorlds? Answer in the comments!

If you want to make a game


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If you’re interested in making a game (based on your play-by-post game hopefully!) there’s plenty of software and frameworks you can try. For the game mentioned above I used software called Unity, which is free and really popular. There’s also some online tools like CraftStudio and PlayCanvas which I haven’t tried but they look pretty badass. There’s even this one that I just found with a quick google search. No idea if that’s good or not!

Another good one is Construct 2, which I have tried. You can make a game really easy with this. No coding knowledge needed. Easy but dead powerful. I was really impressed when I used this and keep thinking I should just use it for everything!

One last suggestion, I know you like writing, so how about creating a text-adventure based on the world of your game? This website allows you to make text adventure games (“go north”, “pick up rope” etc) really easily.