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Simming Prize nomination season!

The Simming Prize

The Simming Prize

Tis’ the end of the year!  Which means it’s impossible to take a step around here without stumbling across someone trying to hand out an award.

And guess what?  I’m pleased to announce the Simming Prizes are now accepting nominations, which you can submit by going here.  The deadline for nominations is January 7.

So what are the Simming Prizes?  Well those of us at the Prizes like to think of them as the Nobel Prizes of the simming and play-by-post online role-playing community.  (We have a healthy ego!)  By this, we mean the Prizes are intended to honor people & organizations that have made significant contributions to our collective gaming community.  We are not in the business of evaluating and finding the best sim of the year (we leave that task to our able friends at the Tournament of Simulations).

Our goal is to honor that indispensable person in your organization, the event or creation that is unique among our community, the game or club that has sustained an amazing output for years.  If you know of a person or entity that fits this criteria, please take the time to submit a nomination.  (And if you need help writing a nomination, check out this wonderful article written by Charles Star.)  Only through your nominations do we discover the truly outstanding people and creations of our shared gaming community.