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Enter your game into the Tournament of Sims

ToS doesn't have a logo, so here's another exciting tournament!

ToS doesn’t have a logo, so here’s another exciting tournament!! 😛

Hey roleplayers, I wanted to let you know about a fantastic competition that’s been running for quite a few years and would be quite prestigious to win!

It’s called the Tournament of Simulations (“simulations” or “sims” being another word for play-by-post roleplay, used quite a lot in Star Trek communities). Judges will take a look at your game, read your posts over a certain time period and assess everything about your game including plot, characters, writing, and member participation.

There’s not much time to act on this, as entries close on the 5th of November – So make sure to submit your game asap.

Enter the Tournament of Sims

To enter you’re encouraged to email Chas Hammer and AJ Wheeler, who are running the competition. But to make this process easier and to make sure Chas & AJ get the correct information, I’ve created a form below. Submit this and I’ll pass your entry onto them.

Note: The competition deadline has been met, so the entry form has been removed. We’ll post about the winner on our Facebook and Twitter as soon as it’s announced.