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Ed gets his Flashback week prize

edbrownYou’ll remember a couple of weeks ago Ed Brown won the Flashback Week competition? I sent him his prize, a snazzy OngoingWorlds mug which he’s received and has taken this photo of him with his prize.

Ed is known in the Starbase 118 community as Diego Herrera, the very same who’d volunteered to chair last week’s Fallfest chat. It was a few days into the planning of Fallfest when I realised I was chatting to the same person! (I felt a bit dumb). 

Congratulations again Ed!

If you haven’t already, read his winning Flashback week entry here, and the runners up here.

BTW I thought Fallfest was awesome, and according to the comments on this article, all attendees enjoyed it too! if you haven’t left feedback (wither positive or constructive – it all helps), please do!