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Warning: Lack of content

Warning lack of content

This opinion article was written to us by Miranda from the game Pokémon: Dark Age.

Have you ever gone through great lengths to write an awesome post, only to have it responded to with a few sentences? I know I have. Does it frustrate you? Does it make you want to reach through your computer screen and slap your fellow RP’ers? Or worse yet, does this seem to be an ever growing trend that completely dissuades you from wanting to join in on many roleplaying games?

I am saddened to realize that there is a growing crowd that seems to be perfectly copacetic with submitting and receiving post that are utterly bereft of descriptive content. I wonder if the texting age has infected the world of Roleplay and misled players into thinking that simply responding to each others post in this one-liner fashion is an acceptable form of Roleplay.

To me, this is a travesty. This is not Roleplay,this is a laughable excuse for it. I can’t stand to see “machine-gun posting” back and forth between two players with one line responses that are lacking in any descriptive merit. It is not only a spit in the face to everyone else that is putting effort into their writing, but it is rude and inconsiderate to any and all that are involved or are thinking of becoming involved in that roleplay.

Please, if this is how you write do us all a favor and get offline and do not dilute the forums with your low standard scribble. Literacy and post content should be a value to roleplayers that should never be compromised. Not every post need be a shining pearl of ultimate perfection. However, one should at least try to make it to the 200 word mark, and this without it being all dialogue.

Try practicing writing (at great length) before you go and submit things into other people’s creations. I don’t know about you, but I know I don’t want to be the weak writer in the group that is pulling everyone’s enjoyment down with poorly thought out and written postings.

This opinion article was written to us by Miranda professional term paper writers. If you’d like to write an article for us, send it through our contact us form.