New Sheriffs In Town

downloadThat’s right partner. Ongoing Worlds has acquired three new mods for the site! [As we like to call ourselves, Squid Guard] If there is anything you need help with or you would like to report something or just make a general comment on the website or anything, you can let us know! Down below you can find the emails and information so you can reach the mods.

DaveDavid Ball “Onion” – OW Creator

About: “A web developer who lives in beautiful Derbyshire, England. He loves writing scifi, and watching films.”

Games: Blue Dwarf

user1004-imageSean Mooney “Tiberius” – SG Moderator

About: “Brass musician from the Sunshine State with a love of Ska Punk, sci-fi, history, writing, music, and most importantly, games [preferably Team Fortress 2, Portal 1 or 2, The Long Dark, or War Thunder]

Games: Nova Lux, Blue Dwarf, The Steam Age

user999-imageMike Mooney “Mr. Xanadu” – SG Moderator

About: “GM of ORIGIN, The Steam Age, co-GM of several games, and member of many more. Chat Moderator, OGW Blogger, Skutter enthusiast.”

Games: ORIGIN, The Steam Age, Blue Dwarf, Nova Lux


user788-image1An0maly1″ – SG Moderator

About: “An aerospace engineering student in his fourth year of college. He loves a good book and enjoys sci fi and fantasy type RP games, particularly those that aren’t the millionth iteration of werewolves vs. vampires.”

Games: Vaesullum, Zodius, The Steam Age,



If you need to reach us at all you can use the contact form that will be provided and available always or email us at



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Sean Mooney

Born in the quiet hamlet of... wait, that's not right. Raised in poverty by a family of Irish potato farmers... that's not right either. Space Marine? Yeah, Space Marine, that'll work

  • Doctor South

    Apparently, David, some seem to think that you’re also a tea powered life form. Is there any truth to that claim?

  • Jaxx

    Hey Dave I was having a bit of trouble adding the characters to the post on BD today since the drop list was not opening up. Eventually I looked up my character on the serch box and linked it before it let me look at all the available characters on the drop menu.

    • I see it too. Sorry dude, I’ll fix tonight.