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Create your own Star Wars saga

Whatever you thought of the latest Star Wars movie, you might be wondering about what other stories there are to tell in a galaxy far far away…

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Feature your games for only $5 for the next 3 weeks

Hey roleplayer dudes, for the next 3 weeks, it’s only going to cost $5 to feature a game. Send me a request if you’d like to (click here). There’s only space for 3, so make sure you get in first. If you do donate though, I’ll make sure you get shown next month. Read More


You might have noticed the “Featured game request” area

featured game pointerYou might have noticed on the homepage there’s now an area for “Featured games”. This is something I’m trialling to see if it’s popular, as it has been requested by several people now.

I don’t really like to show favouritism to one game over another but this might solve 2 problems: Read More