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Out of context roleplay quotes

roleplay quote

There’s a great Tumblr with funny quotes taken completely out of context from roleplaying games (mostly D&D it seems), that I wanted to share here. I wondered if we could create a similar article with quotes just from games on OngoingWorlds? Submit them via the form at the bottom of this article or to our Facebook page.

“They’re all wearing pants. I just wanna be clear about that.”

the orcs are greased, lets get this party started

 “Please stop referring to the gods as space daddies”

mesistopholese accepts your challenge to a backe off

“Is there some kind of equivalent to the Euro-vision song contest in this world?”

can everybody stop overreacting, it was only a murder!

“I get what you are inseminating. It’s all coming together!”

hi I'm vlad and I'm a sorceror, and here is my horse, horceror

“It’s a bison zombie. It wants to eat your truffles!”

Sir if you don't stop kicking my barbarian I'm going to slap you

 “I’m inexplicably drawn to his silver nut”

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Source: – artwork from Imgur.