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Flashback week competition runner-up – James LeChance from ORIGIN

Here’s the runner up for the Flashback week competition 2014, written by MrXanadu. You can see the winning story by clicking here.

3rd place – “James LeChance” from ORIGIN

james lechanceKirrath Prime, Orsai System
June 25th 2353….two years before the ORIGIN expedition

The Archaeology Department at Earth University had finally gotten permission from the Kirrathian Government to unearth the Ironian ruins along the Ukar River basin. It had been a tedious process, but the government finally caved and lifted their restrictions. Read More


Flashback week competition runner-up – Savis from Nova Lux

Here’s the runner up for the Flashback week competition 2014, written by Tib. You can see the winning story by clicking here.

2nd place – “Savis” from Nova Lux

SavisWritten by Tiberius Creations

The morning rose over the mountains, the wind whipping the sand around like mini tornadoes dancing to nature’s barren ballet. The sun peeked through the small window and into the basement that the inhabitants of Defiance called home. It eventually reached Savis’ eyes, blinding him and waking him up. He sat up and grumbled “over ninety million miles away and it has perfect aim.” Savis stood up off the bed and moved towards his closet. Read More


Announcing the winner of the Flashback week competition – 2014

Flashback week - write and roleplay about your character's past

A few weeks ago we ran a week-long event called Flashback week where we encouraged roleplayers and writers to think about the backstory of their character and write about a flashback to a different time in their lives. We held a competition for the best story, and our team of judges have voted, and the scores have been calculated! Read More


Flashback story – The Bloody Snow

Here’s the story that came 3rd place in the 2013 Flashback week competition. Written by Brogan Young about his character Thomas Plisken from Blue Dwarf. Read More


Flashback story – Xanxa Symanah

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Babylon 5 story written by Sarah Xanxa Bartlett, the roleplaying game is called ‘Beyond Babylon’, and is played on Facebook.

Xanxa Symanah

So you want to know what a Centauri is doing in the Anla’shok?  Well, I’m not the only one, but that’s not my story to tell.  First of all, I’m not pure Centauri, in fact I’m half Minbari on my mother’s side, so my entrance into the world was bound to be controversial anyway.  So many questions were asked about how I came to be conceived when Centaurii and Minbarii are physically incompatible.  Well, love conquers all, as the old saying goes, and with much consultation of Technomages and other shady figures, I came to exist.

Read More