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So you want to kill a character…

Roleplay character jumping off a cliffA while ago I began asking roleplayers about killing off their characters, why and how they did it, and what the consequences were. The death of a character can have widespread consequences for the rest of your game, both the story and the other characters, as Sarah from RPGRating explains… Read More


The best sims are original sims – member-created universes in RPing


Then the torpedo struck. A massive explosion threw him clear of the ship and over the side, tearing the small warship in two in the process.

The captain came to a minute later. As he floated in the Arabian Sea, he saw a flash in the middle distance. A streak of light climbed out of the ocean and turned north, dropping low and hugging the sea. Another flash followed a minute, doing the same.

At this point, he realised what the streaks were. Cruise missiles.

As two more missiles followed from their underwater launcher, the captain prayed that a Third World War had not just started. Read More