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Summary: Master of past, present and future versions of kebabs and beer

Phil FeBuggure

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Gender: Male

Age: 38 (real age unknown - but very old mentally)

Group: Scientists


Triple Helix GELF(ex hologram - ex human)


General Scientist and designer of things that go boom(sometimes on purpose). Febuggure Brand Technology is normally very powerful, but for some reason always has a flaw. Most people only use his stuff in an emergency or they have lost the will to live. Keeper of the Time Fridge and holder of the Sacred Kebab

Physical Appearance

almost 6 foot tall, with black hair. Blue eyes that get darker the more angry he gets

Personality and Interests

- Loves junk food, especially the most holy of foods - The kebab
- Enjoys tinkering with things he shouldn't
- Mispronouncing Seymours name on purpose
- Drinking with his buddies
- Thinks he is Satan when drunk, which due to his enhanced GELF body and already brilliant mind would be dangerous if it wasnt for the fact that he is out of his skull as well
- Has a rather unhealth obession with time travel


Phil history and destiny has been entwined with the 'Dwarf for many years
Some of the highlights involving
- Being stuck in a timeloop(now fixed)
- Becoming a GELF(after being a hologram)
- Getting his mind stuck in Jay's ship(which then blew up)
- getting married and having kids who created a mini-clone of himself, the act of which women and goats everywhere have hated ever since
- Meeting an Evil doppelganger from another universe who looked just like him(no evil beard though)
- Getting killed more times then can be counted to the point he took on Death's job for a while
- Being worshiped as a Deity by a group calling themselves "The Archivers" who have a tendency to abduct him when he doing something important
- Takes on aspects and skills of mythogical creatures when drunk(the type depending on what he has drunk, or in one case..Hyper-Sober), but under Galactic law is banned from drinking Absinthe because of what happens
- Possed by a version of Queeg and did a rather good impression of the puppet from Saw until a well placed kick to the love-spuds broke Queegs hold
- After an ecounter with his wife and a certain ointment, seems to be stuck looking like Lucifer when drunk

Favourite Sayings

"Thats what she said.."
"Jay, If we get out of this..i think I'm GOING TO KILL YOU!"
"Right..who wants a kebab?"

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