Dinner and a Show

Not too far away, down the hill and over a small stream, raging Huzzards were chasing Artie and some of the other Dwarfers, hands outstretched and saliva dripping from their mouths, their spears and swords discarded by the sides of their huts. Some of the Huzzards were swatting at the empty air, as if butterflies floated above their heads.
"Uhm," began Jay as he surveyed the mayhem, "What happened here?"
"Don't ask," sighed Ransom, as he tried desperately to focus on his work.
"Truly fascinating..." muttered South as he closely examined a dazed Huzzard that had hidden itself in the strange floral bushes, afraid of an imaginary monster.
"Just, don't ask."

"You stupid mother fucking idiots!" Artemis yelled, tiredly charging up the hill. "You stupid, mother-fucking untrustworthy idiots!"

While Jay, Ransom and a few others were watching Artemis rant and rave about his superior intellect when dealing with the Huzzards, Evelina arrived with a push cart full of drinks and snacks. She pushed it all the way to Jay and Ransom and offered them refreshments made by Brett. She then pulled a beer out of the cart and sat down next to it and watched the chaos of the scientists trying to negotiate with the drug induced Huzzards. A small smirk appeared on her face as she watched silently and sipping her beer. She missed her husband Jaxx but knew she couldn't dwell on it forever. She needed a distraction and watching the entertainment below did help keep her from feeling to depressed. As she sipped her beer and watched the show below the hill she remembered all the good and bad times she had with Jaxx and the others. She knew it was going to be rough without him and she would have to find a way to improve herself as well till Jaxx comes back.

After a while Jay grabbed another beer while watching the show as well and saw Evelina sitting quietly watching the entertainment below the hill.

Jay said, "Never a dull moment huh?"

Evelina replied, "Yeah dinner and a show."

Ransom asked, "Is it always like this?"

Evelina smirked as she answered, "Most of the time, but we do have a few dull moments."

Jay sipped his beer and said, "Yeah it's been one hell of a ride."

Ransom nodded as if he were pondering something before watching the chaos below. The entertainment lasted for a good while till Boyd and Artemis managed to gain control of the chaos. Eventually Evelina took the cart back to the kitchen and took a six pack to her room to drink while watching movies till she passed out.

Boyd helped the Huzzards all the way out of their high, and into a deep slumber. Artemis and Boyd stayed even after the others left, Artemis to monitor the Huzzards and check in with them when they awoke, and Boyd because it’d “be a party foul to leave before morning”.

The next morning, Artemis found the chiefs, who somehow remember the deal from the night before and gave their blessings....in exchange for a boombox with Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix, and some Pabst Blue Ribbon, which Boyd happily provided, having an ample stock in his ship.

The next night some of the Skutters found the Huzzards doing a fire-dance around the boombox as it played “The Wind Cries Mary”

The next day Evelina woke up reaching out for Jaxx only to realize it was only a hug pillow. Again she was reminded of the absence of her husband as she regained her senses. After a shower and a change of clothes she took a walk to the gardens and saw the remains of the after party. There was Boyd and Artemis passed out with a horde of Huzzards surrounded by empty beer cans. She shook her head and smirked as she moved on to the kitchen where she found Brett making breakfast. After grabbing a cup of coffee she sat down in the Refractory and waited for the others to show up.


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