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This is an old character & has been deleted.

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Summary: A weasel infused salesman: He has what you need.


Gender: Male

Age: 30's

Group: Civillians & Other


Human whose brain is that of a weasel.


An independent salesman, often enjoys selling people their own possessions for ridiculous sums (Although he's more than willing to haggle to a more "reasonable price"). He also sells rubbish he finds and polishes up to look "valuable" his prices for these "rare commodities" are much higher. On the more serious side of his business he can get anyone anything in an hour or less

Physical Appearance

Sleazy just by the look of him, superior has a very greasy demeanor. His already greasy hair is further aided by the vast amounts of additional grease Superior uses to keep it back in a mullet. His face is usually composed of a smirk and a raised eyebrow made further suspicious by his right eye always drifting off to the side. He is about 5'11" but has a permanent slouch to his sweaty demeanor. He wears tan patched up tweed suits passed down by his family for generations.

Personality and Interests

He is very money oriented despite having very little to actually do with it (He sleeps on it). He is seemingly very flirtatious with everyone, but really this is just "good salesmanship". He has little interest in anything until someone mentions that it could be valuable. He is prone to lying about the properties of an item in order to make a sale. He is very afraid of combat, but if someone insults his integrity as a salesman his fists will fly (Especially if the remarks are true)


Sam Spick, the man who could get you anything you needed in under an hour, was one of the most dependable men around. The only downside to hanging around him was the trouble his weasel Superior got into. Stealing possessions, making messes, and generally raising hell, Superior was quite the mischief maker, But Sam loved him all the same.
On the day of the radiation leak, just as Sam was entering stasis with superior, the energetic weasel ran off. Sam chased after and recovered him just before the radiation became fatal, but trace amounts of it caused funny things to happen over three million years. Upon their exit from stasis it became apparent that superior was largely in control of Sam's mind. And as for superior's original body, no one has seen it since it ran off the first day out of stasis.

Favourite Sayings

Repeats things a lot, particularly in a .?! pattern (ex. Ok.Ok?Ok!). When making up properties to close a sale he is inclined to repeat many statements over again until he can come up with a new one.

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Image of Superior
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