The MDMA had been pre-sorted, the cakes pre-sliced, and all missed variables checked. All that was needed now was a little bit of time for the drug to take effect, and then the camaraderie could start.

With the chiefs in a pliable mood, they were somewhat more sociable...almost friendly.

"Now, all we're asking is a little space, a small garden, for the rodents to use. They wouldn't be infringing on your territory in the least" Artemis started.

One of the chiefs mumbled something....barely understandable.

"Of course not, I can ensure you that they won't live here, they're perfectly content where they are now. They just need space to cultivate food, and as this is the only place on the ship where that is possible...."

...and again

"I'll even let you pick where they set up, that way you can make sure they're far enough away"

The negotiations were going smoothly, though the rest of the tribals were exploring their newfound ecstasy in ways that were better left in the shadows of the arboretum. When the agreement was nearly reached, Artemis departed to check his tripod mounted MS scanner he had set up to watch their vitals....which was when things started getting out of hand.

"What the hell is going on over there?" Artemis asked as the Huzzards began to get out of control.

"They're doing a peace-pipe ceremony, bonding between...." Ransom started.

"Peace-pipe...wait, they actually went through with the Marijuana part? Oh dear....shit, who the hell gave them weed?!"

"It's part of..." someone started.

"They're already high on MDMA, do you know what the neurochemical imbalance brought on by cannabis will do to an already unbalanced brain?! Who's damned idea was this?!?"

Before anyone could speak up, the Huzzards lost all control.

They took to chasing everyone around the chamber.

"So, how's it going?" asked Jay as he strode over a small grassy hill to were Ransom was sitting, cross-legged on the ground, a thin glass tube held in one hand and his whirring multi-tool in the other. Spread out before him on the Arboretum's lush green floor was a myriad of mechanical parts from long disused systems on the ship.
Without looking up from his work, "How do you think?" He extended a finger from his grip on the tool and Jay followed the direction.
Not too far away, down the hill and over a small stream, raging Huzzards were chasing Artie and some of the other Dwarfers, hands outstretched and saliva dripping from their mouths, their spears and swords discarded by the sides of their huts. Some of the Huzzards were swatting at the empty air, as if butterflies floated above their heads.
"Uhm," began Jay as he surveyed the mayhem, "What happened here?"
"Don't ask," sighed Ransom, as he tried desperately to focus on his work.
"Truly fascinating..." muttered South as he closely examined a dazed Huzzard that had hidden itself in the strange floral bushes, afraid of an imaginary monster.
"Just, don't ask."

"You stupid mother fucking idiots!" Artemis yelled, tiredly charging up the hill. "You stupid, mother-fucking untrustworthy idiots!"

"Excuse you" Ransom said, tending to his vial.

"Shut you damned mouth you condescending trans-dimension ass! Don't think I didn't hear your snide comments earlier, I'm a damned robot, I have a higher range of hearing!" Artemis yelled. "I don't know whose idea it was to give them weed when they were already on FUCKING ECSTASY, but you're the biggest damned idiot left in this fucking galaxy! If you people had any common sense you would have decided to TRUST ME FOR ONCE! 'Oh, Artemis is pompous and brags about his PhD's, oohh waahh', I KIND OF HAD TO EARN THOSE! I DON'T SAY I'M QUALIFIED JUST TO BRAG, I REALLY FUCKING AM! SO WHEN I SAY LET ME DO THE TALKING AND LET THE MDMA DO THE WORK, I KNOW WHAT I'M GOD DAMNED TALKING ABOUT!"

"Artemis calm down" Jay said

Artemis took a deep breath.

"Since you people think you know everything, then you clean this up, I'm sure Dr. Black has something that can bring them back down" he snarled.

"I have an idea" said Boyd, strutting into the Arboretum with a six pack. "They're just freaking out, they just need to chill, and I'm a guy that can make them chill"


Who gave the Huzzards weed?
How do we get them to calm back down?

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