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Summary: A doctor and scientist


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Gender: Female

Age: 59

Group: Scientists


Human (Universe ΣΤ)


Defacto First Technician
Formerly Technician of Genesis Labs

Physical Appearance

Standing at around 5'9'', Ransom is around average height for a ΣΤ Human. She has jet black, cut short hair that is generally unkempt and messy. It sort of dangles just above her shoulders.

Perhaps most noticable of Ransom's features are the wallmarks of ΣΤ Humans - the pointed ears and upswept eyebrows.

Personality and Interests

Sharp and to the point, Ransom is much more at home in her lab with her machines and computers than she is with being bothered by questions and conversation. If you can't make the point quickly, don't make the point at all.

Ransom is, however, loyal and honourable. She won't back down when the going gets tough and will pull out her blaster if needed. But she also won't hestitate to blast her way to what she needs to fix the Dimension Drive.

A stranger in the Universe, Ransom can at times be hard to connect with. She is also obssesed with returning to ΣΤ, her own parallel universe. Her bags have barely been unpacked since she arrived.

She isn't the brightest in the world, but certainly a little brighter than your town's Christmas tree lights. Will pass an exam on the first try, but will be safely in the 'not good enough to mention' pile.


Ransom was born in the ΣΤ Universe, a parallel reality to our own. In the Dwarfer's prime universe it was cybernetics that gave rise to 'sophisticated' AI and mechanoids and an underdeveloped biogenetics field could only produce GELFs of varying abilities. In Ransom's universe, designated as ΣΤ by the Federation of Universes, it was the other way around. Machines can only do basic tasks and biogenetics is the leading field.

Ransom was an expert in her field. Although, she never passed the exams to prove it. Only getting in to Gensis Labs on the good word of a former teacher's friend's wife's brother, she worked as a lab technician. Quickly, a senior lab technician. She propelled the science of biogenetics way beyond what could have been imagined. GELFs could be made indistinguishable from the humans that created them, disease and cancer all but eradicated, even the human genome became a subject of the fast fashion industry. Pointed ears and swept eyebrows had become standard attire for all.

Pushed by tight deadlines from Primark, a major funder to Ransom's research on human DNA, Ransom accidentally forgot to carry a 1 in her sums. The resulting bio 'patch' that was then pushed out by Primark caused terrible deformities among a large swathe of Earth's population: round ears and straight eyebrows.

Ransom was public enemy No. 1. She knew that to reverse the changes, she would need 'perfect and unaltered human DNA'. The only way to find that, she thought, was to steal a dimension drive and hop to another universe. She arrived on the Dwarf and, suffice to say, has not found what she has been looking for.

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Image of Ransom
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