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Summary: Doctor, Scientist, and Inventor extraordinaire

Ransom MacIntyre

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

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Former Joint Lead of Genesis Labs, Doctor of Dimensional Physics and Temporal Physics

Physical Appearance

Standing around 6’2’’, Ransom is a lean and thin man. He has brown, cut short hair that is generally unkempt and messy. Light sideburns edge around the side of his jaw, ending in a point on his cheek. He has small, ice cold blue eyes.
He generally wears a brown frockcoat over an overly decorative waist coat, from which hangs a battered, old silver pocket watch. Any variety of coloured shirts, from deep purple to dark green, are often sported by Ransom, and usually with some sort of necktie around the collar.

Personality and Interests

Absent minded and slightly scatterbrained, Ransom may not always give off the air of a deeply intelligent man. Forgetting words, stumbling over sentences, or sometimes just plain forgetting things, something troubling holds him back at times. But in his moments of clarity, his mind his sharp and witty. Able to solve calculations and build machines from simple parts, Ransom can show off his genius. But this also the time that he can show how cold and calculating he can be. To him, life is mathematics and the human body a machine. If it means saving the greater good, then Ransom would not hesitate.
When he is nervous or thinking, his hand will reach for the pocket watch he keeps in his pocket, the hand seemingly moving under its own power. But he never opens it, just plays with the chain or rubs the lid with his thumb.
He is deeply obsessed with his machines, particularly creating new ones. But his pride and joy is his Dimension Slip Drive. Constantly tinkering and fiddling with it, he never stops trying to perfect the design.


Ransom was found washed up on the shores of the Mare Serenitalis, wrapped in nothing but the cloth of a ship’s sail and clutching a watch in his hand. He was 4 years old. He seemed to remember nothing of his past, or was not willing to remember it, so was adopted by a family in the village of Baret, part of the Lunar Colonies on the terraformed Moon.
But as Ransom became older, he realised he was not content with being the fisherman that his adopted father was. He has a passion for engineering, mechanics, mathematics, physics, and creation. At the age of 18, he left his small village home for the city of New Glasgow to accept a place at university.
There, he achieved doctorates in Dimensional Physics and Temporal Physics, new and emerging areas of physics that were still in their relative infancy. During his studies, he befriended a man known as Koschec Travalyn, a man who would become not only his best friend but his best enemy. Ransom and Koschec both began to make great strides in their fields, pushing the boundaries of what was known about the universe. Eventually, they made plans to establish their own lab. But for that, they would need funding. Harpocrates, a powerful and rich corporation that held an unsettlingly tight control over the Lunar Colonies government, were the only willing sponsors. With no choice, the two created Genesis Labs with backing from Harpocrates.
But the lab became split. Temporal Engineering was constantly pushed by Koschec and Dimensional by Ransom. Both sides would claim that the other’s was too dangerous, that it posed to great a threat to not only the solar system but the entire galaxy. Tensions rose between the two and their years of friendship broke down. But eventually, Koschec broke the 4th Dimension. He unlocked the ability for Time Travel. Seeing the great opportunities available to them, Harpocrates quickly order complete devotion to the project. But Ransom was not happy. While he was fine with helping his friend in his project, he was not with the direction it took. Rather than simply wanting to use Time Travel for observation and learning, Harpocrates wanted to start using the technology, dubbed Chrono, for weapons. Missiles that would lock the target in time, portals that would transport them to the far flung future, manipulation of the timelines of the universe. Ransom could not stand by. During one night, when the lab was quiet and empty, he sabotaged his friend’s life-time work. He fled, using his now completed DSD, leaving his dimension forever.

The DSD had not been designed for spatial travel; it should arrived in the same position in every dimension it traveled to. But for some reason, this had not. It had flung him to a seemingly random area of space. An area of space inhabited by a ship known as the Blue Dwarf.

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