Rose Colored Glasses

Cyborg Jaxx, seizing the opportunity, pounced on the stricken robot, one leg now fixed in position. A fist lunged into the main computer bank of the robot, the shark-man tearing out motherboards and RAM cards.

They had won.

A cheer echoed around the battle as thankful soldiers saw the invincible beast topple to the ground, the brain clutched in Jaxx's hand.

Ransom tossed away the gun slumped against the wall, exhausted and tired.


The Cyborg Jaxx then crushed the remains of the circuits in his hand as it looked at the destroyed mech. It quickly analyzed the remains before quickly reaching into the hole it made and violently removed the back up system before the mech could get up again. Then it crushed the circuits to make sure his foe was defeated. After a quick scan of the area he snapped off the chain gun and ammo box from the joint and pulled it off. Then it walked up to the frightened Evelina on the ground and scanned her.

Cyborg Jaxx: I told you I'll be back. Come with me if you want to live Eve babe.

Cyborg Jaxx then held its hand out to her and waited patiently as she slowly trembled and took its hand. At this point her fragile mind only saw her Jaxx who was willing to protect her. She was still unsure how he got there or even the fact that he was created using her thoughts and the Archive weapon. Feeling overwhelmed by seeing her Jaxx again she hugged him hard and never wanted to let go.

Cyborg Jaxx: We can not stay here. We need to find proper cover before the next wave attacks Eve babe.

Evelina: I know baby. Just give me a moment.

After her five minute hug she let go and stepped back to see Cyborg Jaxx was naked. She giggled and blushed as she looked at him.

Evelina: Oh baby your so bad. We need to get you some clothes before you cause a sceen.

Cyborg Jaxx looked at her curiously with a cocked head then it looked around and scanned the area till it saw the dead black smith who was close to his size. After another scan of the fort he found extra clothes in the blacksmiths workshop. Then it walked into the shop and quickly put on some clothes. It saw a strap on the wall it used to tie onto the chain gun and slung it over its shoulder. Evelina smiled as she followed it and watched it get dressed. In her delusional mind it was the real Jaxx and she was more than happy to see him again. It still didn't dawn on her that it was not the real Jaxx and it was packing a chain gun now over its shoulder. After getting dressed, a very happy Evelina saw the fort was in bad shape and several injured and dead bodies were everywhere. It didn't take long before Jay took charge again and began barking orders to everyone.

Jay: Anyone who can, help Jade with the wounded first. We will tend to the dead after that and reinforce the fort.

The remaining soldiers and Dwarfers slowly got up and did as they were told. Evelina had Cyborg Jaxx move the heavy wooden debris off the wounded soldiers and carry them to the area Jade was working at. There were a lot of dead men including a strange woman with white hair who seemed to be from the future. After they all rescued the wounded, Jay had them either help Jade or begin gathering weapons and making repairs to the fort with whatever they could find. Artemis quickly liberated the remains of the mech and began messing with it. Ransom began helping Jade and Sam was collecting weapons with Cass. Jamie began working on fixing the fort walls. Evelina was confused by the odd looks she was getting as she was all chummy with the Cyborg Jaxx next to her. Even though it looked like Jaxx it was a cold and unfeeling machine. It was obvious that it was not Jaxx by the small cuts on it that revealed the metal skeleton under its skin. She shrugged and decided to help Jamie fix up the fort as she had Cyborg Jaxx help as well.

The repairs moved a lot faster since Cyborg Jaxx was very strong and held the posts in place as Jamie, Evelina and a few soldiers reattached the nails, pins and straps. After an hour they managed to make the fort defend-able again. It was clear Evelina was not in her right mind as she was hugging Cyborg Jaxx like a large plush toy every chance she got. After things settled down Jay called a meeting to plan out their next move.


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