Meeting The Captain

As they reached the door of the of the Captains office,
All 3 of them froze still,
“So who`s going to go in first then” said South in a very nervous voice.
There was a moment of silence, before South and Dustie both pointed at Ransom.
“OKAY FINE THEN” I will go first beats having chunks of metal lobbed at me head.
He slowly opened the door, and they both entered the room, forgetting to close the door behind them. Dustie knew what the Captain was like thought it was best wait outside.
Inside the Captains office they were greeted to the sound of pirates jeering at them.
After looking around Ransom and South they noticed the Captain sitting in a large throne type chair, in the corner of the room.
He was wearing a worn out faded leather jacket, a grey Fedora hat, a very smart white frilled shirt, along with 4 different gold necklaces.
The Captain stared at both of them, before standing up, and walking right up to South and said in a very croaky voice “ I knew you would come and see me, but soon I feel you will regret it, I am usually a very forgiving man, but to tell the truth I don’t like you both.”
They did not know what to say, their minds totally went blank.
The Captain then took a small Knife out of his pocket, and pointed it at South.
“You both better start talking soon, or you are useless to me, and that means you will have to be killed”.

Ransom, got the courage to step forward, and said “please, we honestly are good people, and just want to leave this ship when we get rescued”
At that moment the pirates started coming closer to South and Ransom, and talking quietly to each other.

“And why should I believe that for one moment, and what do you think you are doing with my Mechanoid”?
Said the Captain in a frustrated tone of voice before, moving the knife away from South.

He then threw his knife at the door briefly missing Dustie`s head.
In shock, Dustie, ran into the room and hid behind South.
All 3 of them were surrounded by the Pirates, which made them feel very intimidated.
They no form of plan, and no hope of surviving.
The Captain gave a loud sigh and sat back down in his chair.

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