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Summary: Im mainly a sanitation droid and love to serve humans,I have a cat called; Robert,and a amusing head

Dustie 2X4B-523P

Gender: N/A; But has a Male personality

Age: I was created about 62 years ago, but sadly it is impossible for me to age like most species.

Group: Engineering & Repair Crew


Series 4000 Mechanoid, built by the corporation DivaDroid International.


I am a qualified Engineer, but i was built to be a sanitation droid and to serve humans, So my main job is to; Cook, clean, dust Wash up, laundry,ironing, and clean toilets, as well as many other tasks. I studied at Toilet University, and became B.S. (Bachelor of Sanitation), this is where I learned many skills to add to my programming.

Physical Appearance

I am 6 feet tall, and look pretty much like all the other Mechanoids from the 4000 series, I have a very amusing shaped head, that is a constant running joke between most of the ships crew. And I am forever being called " Captain Bog-bot" and "Commander U-Bend", which are not nice things to say.
I do enjoy wearing a formal evening suit, whenever possible, it gives me a more human appearance.

Personality and Interests

I am a very fussy Mechanoid, and have a obsession with cleaning,
I am very polite, but sometimes get very annoyed when people do not appreciate me.
My Megadrive when full has caused me to literally explode, in the past, but now with some help from other crew members I am slowly learning to control my negative emotions.
I like to believe I have a good sense of houmour, but sometimes my comments can get me into trouble.
I sometimes let myself to relax and to watch TV, My personal favorites are old TV shows from the 21st century.
I some how acquired a pet Cat, on shore leave, called "Robert", which seems to spend a lot of his day sleeping and demanding food.
Quite a few of the crew members who are my friends know about my cat, and are fine with it, I never knew I was a cat person.
I suppose It gives me a feeling of responsibility to look after a fellow feline.
And I also like spending time each week cleaning my spare heads.


I was created by DivaDroid International, My design was actually intended as a joke on Mamet's ex-fiancé, but I feel that is now part of my past, and ive become a better Mechanoid.
I was created by Professor Mamet, but I truly despise her for making me have such a stupid looking head.
And she programmed me to despise her that makes me think shes a total smeee heeeeee! oh forget it!
After leaving DivaDroid International,
I was sent to Toilet University for just over a year, this was the best year of my life, a whole year learning how to clean toilets, Cleaning is my favorite thing to do, I hope there is eternal toilets to clean in silicone heaven.
After that, I was put to work on various JMC mining ships, I made new friends, and then I got moved to a different ship, I get the feeling they all preferred more realistic looking Mechanoids.
After about 30 years of serving ungrateful beings on JMC ships, and then being forced to work on a Pirate airship, I was moved to Blue Dwarf, where the crew seem to respect me a lot more and they even give me shore leave, to the broom cupboards.

Favourite Sayings

-I want to know is that normal?
-Is this the human value you call 'friendship'?
-Don't you think I'd love to be deceitful, unpleasant and offensive? Those are the human qualities I admire the most!

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Image of Dustie 2X4B-523P
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