A Chance Of Escape

After about 2 minutes of silence, the short pirate given up standing at the door trying to be intimidating and left, the cells were completely quiet apart from the few people crying.
South sat in the corner trying to think of an elaborate plan which would get them both out of this mess, but his mind was blank.
Ransom then chucked his book onto the floor and said in a frustrated voice “IF I SPEND ONE MORE MINUTE ON THIS AIRSHIP IM GOING TO GO CRAZY!” he stood up and walked towards the bars of his cell, and started kicking the bars in temper.
Soon, he stopped kicking the bars when he noticed an old, worn out looking, Series 4000 Mechanoid walking past the cells, carrying a mop and a large bucket.
South and Ransom both looked at him, before Ransom tried his best to get the Mechanoid`s attention.
After trying his best to ignore Ransom, he turned around, placed his finger onto his lips and said “please be quiet, I do not want to start any trouble, If my master knows I have been even looking at you prisoners let alone talking to you, he will discard of me”

DR South then stood up and walked towards the bars of the cell towards Ransom and said “and why are you not allowed to speak to anyone, it must really annoy you”
The Mechanoid replied in a quiet voice; “Yes it does annoy me slightly but it’s better than being sent to silicone hell, now please excuse me I have my duty’s to do”.

He then picked up his bucket and carried on cleaning the floor.

Dr South, put his face right up against the bars of the cell, “Weight a second, so let me get this straight, you spend all your time being a servant for these pirates and doing whatever they order you to do? Do you even have a name??
The Mechanoid then turned around again and sighed he then looked at Dr South and said “I am programmed to serve, it’s the only thing that I am good at, and without having someone to serve I would be no one. My names Dustie 2X4B-523P, but I rather be called just Dustie, but no one ever talks to me any way. Now please leave me to my work.
Ransom and South both felt sorry for Dustie and in some ways felt good to know that there’s others in a worse situation than them.

Ransom then said In a quiet tone of voice “ Tell you what Dustie, if you help us to escape you can come back with us to our ship; Blue Dwarf to live, and work if you feel the need to still serve but you will be able to have time to yourself and even holidays if you would like that.

Dustie became very quiet for a few moments while he tried to think of what to say, eventually he shook hands with both Ransom and South, and said quietly “I Will see what I can do, I can’t guarantee anything, but I cant take much more of this ship, after working on this airship for years, I know a few things that may help you, I will try and be back in a bit, when I have developed a full plan and cleaned all the toilets of the top 3 decks”
Before Ransom and South could say another word Dustie started to walk away down the corridor, before realizing he left his mop behind and then going back and picking it up.
After picking his mop up I looked at South and said “if I do help you escape, and if you wish to let me serve on your ship, could I bring my cat with me? No one else knows about the cat I rescued, I feel if any of the Pirates knew about my cat they probably hurt my cat and punish me more”.

South nodded and said “sure, I don’t see why there’s any problem with that”
Dustie smiled and walked away, South and Ransom both then slumped themselves against the walls,
“I hope that Mechanoid does help us, honestly I have no other idea on how we can escape from this nightmare of a place”.

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