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Summary: Dr. South, sarcastic, biologist, time traveler, mild wierdo, likes apples.

Dr. South

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Scientists




Biologist. Specializing in the effects of time travel on known organisms and the cataloging of newly discovered specimens.

Physical Appearance

About 6 foot, give or take an inch or two. Brown hair, not light enough to be sandy and not dark enough to me considered dark. Blue-green eyes, often blood shot from strain. He generally keeps his face clean shaven, but has been know to get a bit scruffy if he's been working too much. As far as clothing goes he prefers to dress in practical items, often ones with extra pockets for collecting samples, though he has one, well worn brown suit in his wardrobe that he acquired on one of his many adventures.

Personality and Interests

Many of the the people who know South would describe him as intelligent, productive, and caring. Before describing him as a sarcastic oddball scientist who's interest in biology often distracts him from other things. For example, while on a time trip to the carboniferous jungles of ancient Earth, he and his team were being chased through the jungle by a previously unknown form of giant insect, and he stopped mid-stride to inspect a rather large, multicolored scorpion, pulling out a camera and saying, "Oh my, you are beautiful aren't you?"

He seems to have want to study any and every new form of life, hostile of not, and will often insist that he get to observe it before moving on.

When he travels he carries with him a sturdy leather satchel with various scientific instruments within it as a sort of mobile laboratory.


Dr. South was born on Io, sometime around the year 12,000 A.C.E., where he decide at a very young age an interest in all kinds of life, particularly the unusual forms of it, when he found a 4 inch long, white, crystalline beetle resembling a Martian sand beetle, in his mother's garden. He kept it as a pet until recently when it's enclosure was exposed to an out of control time field and it catapulted into infinity until it fell out and came into contact with a particularly talkative Yorkshire terrier around the year 1927.

He graduated from university with honors, twice, (once in applied biology and genetics, and once in theoretical physics and in relative field mechanics), when he was contacted by an organization attempting the goal of creating a new form of time drive. He as then assigned to the research vessel Satrid as chief of biology. His job was simple; catalog new life, and study the effect of the time field on existing organisms, which he very well until recently, when, in the middle of the night the time drive decided to overcharge due to a bowl of cornflakes that had fallen from the chief engineer's desk and into the vortex. Dr. South was asleep in his quarters when the incident occurred and he and his section of the ship were blow clear, and cast adrift on the holes of time. He would find himself falling from the sky in his pajamas, along with his room, some 3,000,000 yeas into the future. Approximately.

Favourite Sayings

"Oh, your beautiful little beast aren't you?"
"Can it wait? I'm trying to take some readings of this wiggly thing."
"Why does it have two of those?"
"I think this is it's head."
"Don't do that."
"Really, stop it."
"Didn't I say not to do that?"

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Image of Dr. South
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