Blood, Sex and Boom

Tu’s shouts were quickly muffled by a gag as someone kicked her in the back of the knees. She sank to the floor with a muffled yelp, the fight briefly knocked out of her in surprise.

“Quiet slave!” One of the burley men growled, running his hand down the side of her face.

“We like ‘em feisty…” Another licked his lips and leaned in close, taking a deep breath in of her sweet smelling long dark hair. She trembled, wondering what the ugly brute was thinking as South walked off oblivious to the nearby Dwarfer.

This was the site that greeted Justina when she exited the saloon. She blinked in surprise and shook her head to clear her thoughts.

“Ooh, lookit here! We gone and gotten us another pretty little thing.” Another burley man grinned and shoved Justina in the small of the back. She stumbled forwards and fell next to Tu’Vass, the two girls shared a scared expression before being hauled forwards.

Regaining their composure after being left in a long line of girls awaiting sale, the girls began to assess their predicament. It was just as they were beginning to try and talk that one of the others made a break for it. She had managed to cut her bindings and ran across the compound. An echoing crack echoed out and she skittered and fell, blood pooling in fountains from the gaping hole in her head. As she fell she tipped over a fire barrel, abandoned by the troops in the daylight. The barrel tipped in an ominous arc…

Jay came cantering back down from the head of the company “Looks like we’ve got trouble ahead” he called as he approached.

“What sort of trouble?” Jamie asked.

“Well, that smoke’s definitely coming from the Alamo which is somewhat concerning, but it looks like we’ve got more immediate problems”

Meanwhile, Artemis was busy in the bowels of the encampment with his ancestor and the newly arrived South. “What in the name of Science was that?!”Artie exclaimed, heading for the door on his holographical legs. “Sounds like the powder store just went up.” <ancestor> replied, looking grim. “Well that’s not good. We needed that…” South said, as they breached daylight to look at the scene before them.


OOC – South, Artie, Justina, Tu’Vass: you are all at the Alamo, we aren’t far away but are under attack by ‘something’. Looks like the smoke we can see in the distance from the Alamo is the power store burning and exploding nicely... Or is it something else? What do you do if it is the powder? What do we have weapons wise to fight off the Mexicans without gunpowder? The slavers/idiots/sex hungry mercenaries are still lurking about, what do you do with them? We need all the men/women we can get to win, so think about how to deal with them carefully….

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