Broken Arrow


The tomahawk sailed through the air and embedded into the skull of the person hiding next to Jade. He has just popped up above the toppled cart and didn’t live long enough to regret his decision as his skull imploded with a wet crunch. Jade hoiked out the axe and hauled it back into the treeline. It sailed through the air and sunk into a tree.

“Nice shot sweet-cheeks.” One of the hired army sniggered.

“I’m a doctor, not an Indian. Get over yourself.” She snapped as arrowed peppered down around them. The volley was returned with fire from the friendly guns. Several howls and yelps could be heard as the assailants died.

Jay and Eve blind fired their pulse pistols over the bonnet of the DeLorian. The energy blasts ripping through the trees and setting fire to the undergrowth. Another volley of arrows sailed over head, tinking off the metal of the car

“Can we please stop shooting the thermonuclear device?!” Cass growled, stalking low in her Nano suit over to Jay and unleashing fury with her pulse pistols.

“We are totally pinned down here.” Jade said, sliding over towards the group of gathered Dwarfers.

“We have to get out of here.” Eve said, turning pale as another uniformed soldier toppled to the ground, more resembling a hedgehog than a human.

“Damnit, where the hell is Jaxx when you need him.” Cass growled. Jay raised an eyebrow, but let the comment drop.

“There’s something off about this.” Jay said, retrieving an arrow from the dead hedgehog-human. He struggled with it for a moment and it snapped in two as he yanked it out of the corpse.

“The feathering is artificial.” Jamie said, popping up briefly to return a tomahawk, which sailed through the air and hit a soft squishy something.

“How..?” Jay began.

“Jungle… fighting… You know.” He said, before Jay had a chance to even ask.


OOC – Ok, so what’s going on? Are the STCP furnishing the enemy with weapons against us? Is it the Mexicans? Native Americans? Something else like GELF mutants that fart arrows sent to eliminate us?

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