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Summary: A curious rare alien.


Gender: Feminine

Age: 16 by human years 160 by Evegan years

Group: Civillians & Other


Evegans: A unique race of Alien species very similar to humans, aside from a few very noticeable differences. Those being, their hands only have 3 fingers a 'thumb' 'pointer' and 'middle' finger compared to humans and they are slightly longer then that of humans, same goes for their toes 3 toes on each foot. Their eyes are usually brownish red or full red, shifting like oil on water. They also are nongendered, absorbing DNA from a mate, the best traits from a mate are coded to the 'egg' and the child is created. They are also all 'female'. Their immune system is very poor, meaning most don't live long unless they live in a clean room. Another notable fact their hearts are opposite of a humans sitting on the right side of their chests, and can not eat most human food (90%ish). Their food source on their home world is a small nut baring fruit. Both of which are made into paste for a food source. Their Ships always contain a small growing 'lab' for these plants. How ever, Some human can be eaten so long as it is 'easily digestible' and ultra sanitized. Harder foods like meat and vegetables from the human race is indigestible. But contact with humans has only happened less then a handful of times so information of what of their food can be eaten is vague at best. The main theory of the reason this is, is because of the difference in DNA and digestive systems.


Currently not employed (will acquire job soon)

Physical Appearance

An Alien who looks very much like a human girl. Aside from her 3 fingered hands and feet. Her eyes are a brownish red. Her hair is a light green color. With 3 horns covered in white hair make of cartilage on both sides of head, that signify her being and adult. Her body is from wrist and ankles is just like a human, with a nearly flat chest.
Due to to a device given to her she now appears to be a dark skinned girl with black hair and green eyes.

Personality and Interests

She is intelligent, quirky and hard to understand. She likes to learn new things but can't interact with most of the things she finds interesting for fear of infection. Being that she chooses to wear a bio-suit. But she finds interesting things enough she can learn to do almost any job. Because of her kinds Immune system issues she is a clean freak. Likes everything neat and tidy.


At a young age she left her home with several of her sisters for what her kind they call the 'Journey', think of it as a chance to see some of the galaxy after the Journey they return home to decide if they want to continue to see the world or return home to help repair the planet. She was currently on her Journey when they spacecraft she was on had an infection spread she was the lone survivor of this. She managed to hold out for rescue. Leading current date.

Favourite Sayings

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Image of Tu'Vass
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