A 'new' suit and more trouble.

With in all the chaos Tu'Vass managed to steal a bio-suit from the lab. It didn't fit and was hard to move fast in but she managed. She made her way through several hall ways following where windows were till she managed to find an air lock. She made a roughly 10 foot space jump to her old ship to find her self a new suit. She was horrified by the scene inside her own ship. The bodies that were once on-board now nothing but charred silhouettes on the floor. "Where is it." she though. She hoped she would find it soon she was starting to have trouble breathing and this suit was not made for a person like her the mask made her head throb, the fingers were far to short, and to many of them.

She searched lockers high and low. Breaking into former 'sisters' rooms and checking their rooms for spare suits. She didn't find a suit in any of the rooms of people she had access to, she did how ever find a few seeds for her special plant. "Please..." she thought. She finally resorted to Hacking the captain's room door. Finding a suit and breathing mask. "Great." she said holding it up. The suit would look loose as the suit she had on at a first glance. Tu, quickly changed into the other loose suit and mask pressing a button the suit sucking in against her skin to a skin tight, white suit made out a shiny hexagonal pattern with black gloves and boots. "Finally air." she chirped quietly out loud. In her ships small armory she grabbed two items a large rifle for her size (50 cal sniper size) kinetic rifle and a pair of stun gloves. "These people saved me I have to save them." she thought.

Running as fast as she could she reached the lab as the shot was fired and she took a crouch position to steady her gun. "Scrap heap!" she shouted in a language they could understand. The gun hummed and she fired. When it did it discharged a small bit arc of lightening rather then a muzzle flash like a normal gun. The solid metal shell ripped the hulking metal mans head to shreds. Tu'Vass pilled the bolt back loading another bullet in the chamber before firing again, and quickly loading another until the mech was nothing but an arm, two legs, and half a torso. "Blue robot man are you okay?" she asked weapon still trained on the heap of mech still on the floor.

(Gave her a translator in her breathing mask to move things along and sorry if this is something that could not exactly happen the mechs showing up threw me off a bit. Also sorry if my grammar and such is still bad I haven't written like this in quite a long time)

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