A Cry For Help

“I am General Antonio López de Santa Anna” he said pompously “and this is your one and only chance
“We have new and powerful allies, as I’m sure” he gestured “this amazing machine will demonstrate”

De Santa Anna paused to look squarely into the camera “Give up, Texans. Give up and run. Run as fast and far as you can, or else the Alamo will be grave”

Turning, he looked out of camera shot “Will that suffice Señor Chrysler?”

“Yeah, whatever” said another voice and the recording ended.

With the end of the transmission, the robot rose into the air with a whine and opened fire on the blood spattered men who had heeded Neill’s rallying call, killing several of them in seconds.

“Holy shit” yelled one of the survivors as he turned tail with the others and started sprinting towards the exit “We’ve got to get the hell out of here!”


As Evelina looked at the Mech that had quickly attacked them and suddenly stopped to project the holographic message from Santa Anna. She hid behind a wooden barricade and slowly ran her hands in her hair as she was loosing her mind from the stress of combat. She was still feeling sick from seeing the slaughter she and Jamie laid on the Indians and French soldiers just hours before. She truly without a doubt missed her husband Jaxx who had kept her from soiling her mind and hands with such violence in the past. It was now that she understood how important he was to her. Since he was created for violence he didn't hesitate to do the unspeakable to protect her and the others and in return he smiled as he was hated and or feared by others. She missed being held by him when things were bad. She just wanted to curl up in his large muscular arms and cry her heart out, but that was not going to happen since he was either still on a mission with Franky the Squid or dead by Brittany's hand. It was killing her to not know at this point. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest as she was entering a catatonic state. She slowly sank into a fetal position as her mind was drifting off to her happy place with her husband.

As Evelina's mind was fixated on Jaxx protecting her in her catatonic state, she was completely unaware of the Archiver weapon in her hand changing shape. The Archiver weapon slowly oozed from her hand and altered its shape a few times till it took the form of a humanoid and began growing and taking a more distinguishable form. Within a minute while the mech was still on a killing rampage inside the Alamo the Archiver weapon was looking like a grainy large humanoid with spikes on its body. Suddenly the mech threw one of the American soldiers through the barricade Evelina was hiding behind and just missed her. She was still oblivious to her surrounding as she was in her own little world. The mech jumped up and smashed the injured soldier like a watermelon leaving quite the mess on Evelina and her surroundings. The powerful thud and horrific paint job on her face caused her to look up at the mech that was ready to finish her off. As the mech tried to drive it powerful robotic arm into her head it was quickly stopped by a large muscular finned arm. She looked fearfully at the mech and the familiar arm before her. As she looked at the rest of the arm and the body it was attached to she saw something from a sinister dream.

It was beyond her understanding but somehow in her mental cry for help the Archiver weapon took the form of a nude cyborg version of Jaxx. Its eyes were black and cold as it showed no emotion and stared at the mech as it held its arm away from her.

A tear ran down her cheek as she muttered, "Jaxx?"

Suddenly the mech tried to hit cyborg Jaxx with the other arm only to have it caught by him as well. Then Cyborg Jaxx quickly used a powerful front kick to the chest of the mech and sent it back tumbling on the dusty ground.

Cyborg Jaxx looked at her and said, "I'll be back.......Evebabe."

After that he stood up and pushed his belly button and turned on a sound track.

Theme song

As Cyborg Jaxx and the Mech fought each other on even terms Evelina watched as the tears continued to roll down her face. She even failed to notice the very thin red string of energy that connected her and Cyborg Jaxx as it altered its length as they moved apart or got closer. In her mind she was not watching the real battle going on before her. Instead she was in a fantasy world seeing her husband protecting her from all the bad people in the universe. She loved watching him fight for her and saw him as her personal super hero.

Unknown to Evelina who was still catatonic, everyone else was either running away, taking cover or tending to the dead and wounded as Jay was trying to gain control of the situation. The other Dwarfers were also doing their best to help Jay. Jade was tending to the wounded, while the others were trying to find a way to stop the Mech as it fought Cyborg Jaxx. No matter how many times Cyborg Jaxx was knocked down or damaged it never stopped fighting the mech. The sight of the two giant robots clashing looked both horrifying and breath taking at the same time much like a clash of the titans. As the other Dwarfers argued over the best way to take down the mech they were still baffled where the Cyborg Jaxx even came from.


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