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Summary: The Degenerate Yet Philosophical Pilot

Boyd Weathers

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: Navigation Dept & Pilots


Paranoia Wracked Human.


Former TitanGo Vacation Shuttle Pilot until he was fired after a mental breakdown due to thinking that the emergency oxygen masks were really mind controllers made by the secret CFTCOAH corporation. Currently the only job Boyd can have is being listed as a Pilot for Hire. Has expereince on a large numbers of ships with years of training.

Physical Appearance

Around 5'8" in height, Boyd is overweight and his hair usually unkempt, however he tends to shave regularly if he remembers. Boyd is usually seen wearing an old WWII era leather flight helmet with goggles. Another distinct article of clothing is his brown leather bomber jacket with a double dice insignia on the left breast.

Personality and Interests

Boyd has very little interests but his biggest interest is trying to find the home of the CFTCOAH inc. corporation [Or Corporation For Total Control of All Humanity incorporated corporation]. He can tend to be indecent and sometimes rude, however, Boyd is not completely stupid. He is intelligent in the way of aeronautics and philosophy. Boyd can tend to be paranoid at times, usually in times of stress. He will then go to blame problems on the CFTCOAH inc. corporation and claim that they are trying to get him for uncovering him. Sometimes Boyd will change into a different personality known as Sir Admiral Dr. Wilson M. Chutney esq., PhD, DDS, BSc, SSc OB/GYN, the world's best, most gentlemanly pilot and adventurer. He can also be a bit of a drinker. While Boyd can come off as a bit of a degenerate drunkard, he possesses a certain mind for philosophy based on living together in peace or cooperating with fellow men and nature whilst living in harmony.


Boyd Charles Emerson Weathers was born in a small house on Titan. Growing up he would spend time investigating a supposed secret organization out to rule humanity. At 13 his parents put him in "Titan Speciality School for Specializing Special Boys" Where they hoped doctors could sort out his mental problems. Instead he stayed there wreaking havoc on the doctor staff who would need immense pyschological help because he believed his parents were brainwashed and he had to get out. At 18 he applied for flight school, the instructors were too scared to fail him because they thought he would burn down the school if they did. They passed him and he got a job with the now defunct TitanGo Vacation Company as a pilot for their shuttle to Ganymeade. After having a mental breakdown in the cockpit due to his fear that the oxygen masks were created by the CFTCOAH Inc. Corporation, they soon fired him after 11 years of service. With nowhere to go, Boyd became a pilot for hire and he now lives out of his personal space craft, "Mrs. Lady"

Favourite Sayings

"Let me offer some advice. If a vagrant comes up to you and offers you a free hat, you might as well give him your brain if you're that willing to be brainwashed. He could be CFTCOAH for all you know."

"Criticize me all you want *burp* but you won't find a better damn pilot."

"Fine, I'm going and I'm taking the seatbelts with me."

"Boyd: It is what it is. Take it and go.

Artemis: Come again?

B: Think about life man, then think about them tripping man. It happens and it is what it is. The plan happened man, only thing to do other than panic is to take it and go man, just chill.” Boyd said, Artemis stunned by the prolific frat-boy wisdom.
-Boyd's philosophy of life as told to Artemis in Dr. Boyd's Miracle Cure, Part 2: Fratlosophy"

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Image of Boyd Weathers
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