An Idea

Tu'Vass almost groaned at the sound of the broken translation. She of course didn't have the fingers to do sign language and didn't know it anyway, she did how ever get an idea. Tu's eyes grew and she started making hand gestures. She make a motion of drawing or writing. Jade handed him a pencil and paper. "Here... Can you even use that thing?" she under her breath. Tu'Vass began to draw some strange...thing... a fruit that looked like a spotted banana, pear, pineapple, and peach all rolled into one. Tu pointed to it and mashed her fist on the paper like she was grinding it then she drew a leaf. Seemingly the matching one for the plant. she did the same and laid the papers together and made an eating motion.

As South searched the ship, all the bodies were almost to far gone for any real use. They were already rotting to that point of being a sticky mess. Touching them would cause skin to stick to the gloves and pull away chunks of 'meat' with it. Each one even if not in a suit was wearing a breathing mask with a tinted visor. In her culture its custom to not show your face to people. They believe seeing someones face, gave them power to control them. "How could such astonishing and ravishing creatures meet such an end." South mused as he made sure not to step on any of them. South and Boyd's breathers popped loudly fighting to work under the strain of the bodies decompression. "Man, there has to be like 30 in this hallway alone." Boyd said. "I wish I could read these door signs." South said "It would be easier to find the medbay." he commented. After a long search the found it. Cass popped on the radio. "You two we need you to search for a...gro....different looking plant, big palm looking leaves with a big fruit on it." she told them. They found a growing room for the plants most had wilted and died from lack of care but one was still alive, but even the dead ones could be used for seeds to grow more. the dirt they grew in seemed to be like dirt from earth but softer and lighter. Likely made from the plant itself decomposed and used to never have to much waste.

Back on the ship Tu seemed to be listening to everything they said about her and to her quickly picking up the language. "Nat..afont...da...pantant." she chirped her tongue not working the words out like she wanted. "Doun't gav a dam." she mimicked what Art had said. She looked at them both as they stared at her and what she had said. "Jade, was that English?" Artie asked her. "I...Think so..?" Jade replied. "How did she pick it up so fast?" She asked.

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