Call for a plant?

South almost didn't want go on board the derelict ship, but the closer he got the more he felt a mixture of sadness and and certain sense of, albeit morbid, excitement. He walked down the umbilical towards the alien vessel, the lights on his HAZMAT helmet combined with the torch in his hand lighting the way. Artemis and Jade were right, of course, about the way to proceed, but he was, as always too curious for his own good. He didn't mind analyzing the vomit as much as he let on, but he was seriously insulted when the Brain suggested that he saw Tu'Vass as no more than an object for study. *She's alive, he though, a traveller among the stars, with a voice, and intelligence. I can't help but be amazed by her. She's not human, not GELF, but an honest alien from who knows I really seem that callous?

He reached airlock and steeped through, only to be met by Boyd, who was wearing his own yellow HAZMAT suit. They shone their lights down the corridor ahead and South's heart sank. The crew were still where they had died, the effects of decomposition already apparent. His mind was blank, until he remembered there was still one survivor lying sick on a table in quarantine aboard the Dwarf. *These were her friends, he thought, family for all I know.

“I'm sorry...” he said quietly, for her sake. “Eh?” asked Boyd. “Nothing. Let's get on with it.”

South looked at the list in his hand and started moving, passing doors and looking inside each one as they went searching for the medical bay, and the things on the list.

"I wish I could read these door signs." South said "It would be easier to find the medbay." he commented. After a long search the found it. Cass popped on the radio. "You two we need you to search for a...gro....different looking plant, big palm looking leaves with a big fruit on it." she told them. They found a growing room for the plants most had wilted and died from lack of care but one was still alive, but even the dead ones could be used for seeds to grow more. the dirt they grew in seemed to be like dirt from earth but softer and lighter. Likely made from the plant itself decomposed and used to never have to much waste.
<end snip>

“Okay we've found it. What should we do now?” South asked, looking at Boyd who leaned up against the bulkhead. There was a long moment of silence from the other end of the line. “Did you hear me? I asked what now, about the plant. Everything alright over there.”

“Yes,” came Doctor Black's voice over the radio, “she just...nevermind.”

“It seems from her drawing and from the rough translation that she needs the fruit off the tree, and at least one of the leaves. Just don't do anything to hurt the plant body! For all we know it's her only source of medication. Shouldn't be too hard for you Mr. Botanist.”

“Biolo—oh never mind...” he grumbled, reaching for one of the fruits. It's skin was strange, even through the HAZMAT gloves. He placed it in a sealed specimen bag and reached for one of the leaves, producing an omni-tool and snipping it away at the base of the stem. “Alright, we've got it.”

“Alright, bring it back here, then go ahead and start collecting as many of those seeds and plant samples possible.”

They turned to head for the air lock.

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