Idle Hands

“Biolo—oh never mind...” he grumbled, reaching for one of the fruits. It's skin was strange, even through the HAZMAT gloves. He placed it in a sealed specimen bag and reached for one of the leaves, producing an omni-tool and snipping it away at the base of the stem. “Alright, we've got it.”

“Alright, bring it back here, then go ahead and start collecting as many of those seeds and plant samples possible.”

They turned to head for the air lock.

As the others were doing their science thing to help the new alien Evelina watched from a distant window. She wondered if they were making any progress with the new life form and wondered what it looked like. The only alien she every met was Efof the Ffionian who she met when the crew was on Fernandos. He was a strange but nice person especially since he was blue with four arms and his nose and man hood were in the opposite places of the humans. She remembered he stayed back on Fernandos the first time they went there and married one of the local Ssala called Weebaradlibanongadingdong. She hoped he would be happy when they left but when they went there the second time they found out he was on the run from the Haruk. She wondered if they did the right thing and not look for him. Granted it was Jay's call but she did feel a bit guilty leaving him behind like that.

As she reflected on Fernandos she realized how much she missed her husband again and realized she had to much time on her hands. After a deep sigh she got up and started going for a walk to clear her head. She felt useless since she was not a tech nor an egghead like the others. As she dwelled on how little she could help she felt a bit depressed and moped around as she walked alone the empty halls. After a while she ran into Whiskerman (older mouse) who was taking his grand-kids for a stroll.

After he spotted her and said, "Aww hello there. You seem down."

She put on a fake smile and waved as she said, "No I'm fine."

He cocked his head to the side and said, "Pish Tosh my dear. You obviously have the world on your shoulders like that feller on the cover of the map book."

Realizing she couldn't fool him she nodded and said, "Sorry just having a bit of an off day."

He looked at her as if he was waiting for more till she caved in and talked.

She sighed as she said, "Fine I am bummed about my husband being off on some crazy training mission with his squid master and now the others found a sick alien and they all are helping except for me since I am useless."

He looked at her as if he was waiting for more.

After her pause she said, "I mean I know I'm not completely useless but I just feel like that right now. I mean I am a model and a navigator and neither of those jobs are required very often here. I hate to say it but I never realized how much I depend on Jaxx till he was gone."

He looked at her as if he was waiting for more.

She saw he wanted more so she said, "I guess I just want to feel like I am needed and useful and not some tart the others make fun of. I know I didn't exactly try to get on their best side especially since I chose to be with Jaxx, but I also didn't know about Jaxx's past either. Things just got complicated and I felt like I had to make a choice between him and the crew and now that he is gone I kinda feel a bit left out. I know it is mostly my fault but it didn't help when that psycho bitch Tara tried to pit us against each other before trying to kill us. I mean here we are in the middle of freaking nowhere in space with just a handful of us left trying to deal with a lack of food and a lot of crazies. Its enough to make you want to pull your hair out and scream out loud."

She was breathing hard after her rant and saw he was still looking at her as if he was waiting for more.

She ran her hands through her hair and smiled as she said, "Yeah I know I need to make things right by myself. I guess I should find a way to make myself useful as well to help fit in more. Maybe I should talk to Jamie and learn about Tech work since we seem to get along somewhat. He is a bit odd but he seems to know his way around machines and doesn't mind teaching me a thing or two. Yeah your right I'll go see him now and see what I need to do to get started. Thanks Whiskerman you have been a big help and a great listener. I'll see ya later then cheers."

Evelina sat up and dusted off her fanny as she waved at Whiskerman and headed off to find Jamie. Meanwhile one of Whiskerman's grandchildren approached him and tugged on his coat causing him to wake up.

The little mouse said, "Grandpa you were sleeping with your eyes open again. It was really creepy and that crazy lady just kept talking to you anyway. You might want to stay away from her she has issues."

He looked at the little mouse and smiled as he said, "I wonder what she was talking about. Oh well lets for find your mother."

Whiskerman and his kids began making their way to the Promenade.

Evelina was looking down many corridors hoping to find Jamie when she accidentally found a registration room for training. As she entered the room the holographic came on and said, "Well toot my horn we have a candidate in the room."

Training Councilor

She said, "Is this were I go to see some additional training options?"

He said, "Well come on in little lady the names Mr. Boob that's me B..Double O.. B...BOOB at your service."

She looked at him like he was playing a joke on her.

He smiled and said, "Yeppers inside this body is a finely tuned space instrument. What if I told you that I was once a human being."

She looked confused as she muttered, "Mmm K?"

He got upset and said, "You know this a pretty strange way of showing your appreciation. This is a privilege you know. People are just dying for my services."

She looked behind herself to see she was the only one there and looked back at him like he was off his rocker. Then she said, "Umm I think I have the wrong room. Maybe I should try the trainer on B deck."

He got all huffy and said, "Who Dillon? He's a first rate Grade A number one nut. Now your puttin me'er trying to rile me so you can see that vein on my neck stick like that don't ya."

She was officially creeped out as the crazy training program seemed to be hitting on her. Then she held up her wedding band hoping he would take the hint.

He shook his head no as he said, "I feel sorry for ya baby but you had your chance and that balloon has gone up without you."

She tried to say something then he said, "5...4...3...2...1...Kirshshshshshshshs!"

She looked very confused and creeped out as she asked, 'What was that?"

He smiled and said, "Well its all a matter of keeping a clear head and solving your problems one balloon as they come up. Now how can I help you little lady?"

She said, "I am interested in some additional training."

He asked, "Oh well then see you are Ensign Evelina Stone, a certified Navigator on-board the Blue Dwarf and currently married to the GELF named Jaxx. Aww to bad but life goes on. So what kind of training did you want?"

She hesitantly replied, "Ummm I was thinking of Engineering."

He rubbed his chin as he thought for a moment and then said, "Gee I don't know....That's a pretty challenging program and waste of your natural talent."

He smirked as he leered at her chest. She was now officially annoyed as she cocked her head to the side and asked, "So what did you have in mind?"

He tried to look suave as he answered, "Well I understand we have a new cook on board so I'm sure a waitress position will be available or even a ship entertainer since the last one kicked the bucket."

She rubbed her chin as she pretended to think of something before she smiled and said, "No thanks. I'll got see Dillon then."

She waved and started at the doorway till she heard him beg her to stop. A sly grin appeared on her face for a second as she listened to him whine behind her.

He panicked and said, "WAIT!.....Don't go! I'll give you anything you want if you don't leave me for Dillon. You can take the Engineering Course and any other course you want. I can't take the abuse of loosing another trainee to that guy. He picks on me relentlessly. He calls me the Helpless Boob. I'll do anything to you want. Please I am begging you please don't go."

She turned her sly smile to an innocent happy face as she turned around and said, "Ok I'll take the Engineering course."

He sighed in relief as he said, "Thank the Silicone Heavens. Congratulations lil lady you are now a trainee in the Engineering department. Granted you are still an Ensign but you will now report to the senior Engineer on board and that would be........... Jamie Eastlick. Oh wow he is card isn't he. Anyhow in the dispenser below you will get a data pad and a text book on the basics of Engineering. Once you have studied the material well you will be allowed to take the Engineering exam to see your rating. Based on your score you will achieve the rank of Technician one through three, three being the lowest of course. As you progress over time you can increase your rank by passing the next level of exams. If you ever have any questions on this course or feel the need to talk about your personal feelings just come by anytime."

She smirked as she grabbed her book and data pad and said, "Thanks....later."

He watched her leave as he wiped his forehead and said, "Wow what a lady."

Evelina rolled her eyes up after she left the room and headed to the refractory to get some coffee to help her concentrate on her reading. As she looked at the book she saw it was not going to be easy but at least she understood some of the math involved. After getting some coffee and snacks from Brett she sat at the table and started on chapter one.


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