The Need for That Plant

Tu'Vass sat up feeling a bit better still having a massive fever but not throwing up anymore. She looked to Artie and pointed to her stomach again then to the paper. Hoping she would at least get her point across. "What is it you are trying to tell me?" Artie asked, "What does this plant do?" he said. Tu started to chew on the air after pointing to the paper then pointing to her self again. "Is it food?" he asked her only to get a head tilt in return. "What are we going to do about not understanding each other." Artie said, "Maybe you can learn English once you feel better." He suggested.

On the ship all the lights that were on suddenly flickered off and alarms began to sound the inner ship doors all groaned open at once. The sound of every one geiger counters spiked. The dying ship began a dump of its Mass Drive Engines causing mostly harmless due to the suits but still radiation enough they needed to leave before total melt down. Almost as soon as the alarms sounded the artificial gravity in the room they currently occupied failed and the group began to float.

(OOC: sorry for it being short and very little talking)

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