Lunch and Micro Time Gates

"This is truly amazing," Jamie said with a low moan of pleasure as he took another bite of the lunch Ransom had especially ordered from one of the gourmet restaurants on the promenade. It was a specialty from his Earth, and for the sake of everyone else he begun to call his dimension's Earth 'My Earth' rather than Terra, as it would be properly called, to save time explaining and avoid confusion. Hopefully.
"What is it again?" asked Phil as he sat on the edge of the metal cart their Temporal Analyser was mounted to, a plastic white carton of food on his knees and a lager beside him.
"Deep Fried Lunar Moss," Ransom said through a mouthful of the lunch, "the last of it in this dimension, I suspect."
"Shame," burped Phil as he took a swig of his lager, "It goes perfectly with Leopard."
"So the Moon in your dimensions has moss growing on it?"
"Yup, surface is covered in the stuff. Surprised the your moon is just a hunk of rock."
Before the conversation could continue any further, there was a sharp scream. It was just audible from where the group of three had parked their Temporal Analyser, on the side of one of the main corridors the ran through the ship, but it was clear who's it was. Ransom, Jamie and Phil jumped onto the base of the Temporal Analyser and all three began to push of, the four castor wheels picking up speed as it glided over the smooth metal floors.

"These are quite nice, you know," said Evelina as she took her first bite of the fajita Brett had prepared. She, Brett and Penny were both hunkered down outside the door way to the room with the flailing arm.
"As much as life was boring before I died, Brett," said Penny as she pressed her holographic back against the wall (though, obviously not too much that it would cause her to fall through it), "This is not the kind of afterlife I had envisioned."
"What?" said Brett, slightly confused. He took a large bite of his fajita, "Isn't this a tad exciting for you?"
Inside the room, the floating pool of murky white light was growing and growing. It wasn't like the other gates that had opened recently, micro in size. This gate was far larger, far more real. As if it had finally taken a lock onto its target. The mechanical arm that was lodged in it was, too, strong. It was fighting to cling onto this time zone. And there was something all too familiar about the arm...

"Make way!" cried Phil as he, Jamie and Ransom sped past on their push-powered Mobile Temporal Analyser. There was little control over the cart, by which I mean there was no control over the cart and it crash straight through the Penny's holographic form and into the wall.
"Careful!" she cried, annoyed, "You are meant to treat me like any other person, remember?!"
"Ugh," said Ransom, slightly afraid of her and slightly angered, "Another hologram?"
"She's one of the nice ones," said Jamie as he pulled the cart out of Penny.
"Yeah, dude," said Phil as he brushed off the lager spills on his clothes, "Not every hologram is the same."
"Hmm, I suppose," Ransom said, not entirely convinced.
"Don't take it personally," Jamie said quietly to her as he, Ransom and Phil wheeled the cart into the room, aiming the muzzle of the Analyser at the portal that was tearing itself into space.
"Careful!" warned Evelina, "He has a gun!"
As if to emphasis her point, the owner of the arm let loose another shot, the inky purple blast landing squarely in Ransom's face.
Everyone stared in horror as Ransom fell to his knees.
"Gads," he said quietly as he whipped the thick, viscous liquid of the blast from his face. "What is this stuff?"
Jamie whipped out his psi-scanner and waved it over Ransom's purple stained face. "It's some sort of Temporal Anchor," Jamie said slowly as he read the data on the screen, "But beyond that I have no idea."
"So it's not lethal?" asked Phil as he peeked out from his hiding place under the table.
"No," said Jamie with a scratch of his head, "It seems to be a way of strengthening the link between two time zones. You fire Temporal Energy from your side of the gate into the other and it some how creates a 'Temporal Rope'. Truly fascinating. Whoever devised it must have fearsome technology and science to hand because I've never seen anything like it."
"Great, thanks for the exposition," Ransom said grumpily as he stood up, "Now, start up the Analyser, we want to catch this before whoever owns that arm gets through."
Jamie flicked on a switch and Phil and Ransom tinkered with the insides as it started up. A blue beam arced from the muzzle of the analyser and landed squarely on the Time Gate, freezing it and the flailing arm in place.
"It worked!" shouted Ransom in a degree of surprise than Penny, Eve and Brett were expecting. "Send the results up to the Drive Room, let Cass have a look at it."

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