Should it be doing that?

"It worked!" shouted Ransom in a degree of surprise than Penny, Eve and Brett were expecting. "Send the results up to the Drive Room, let Cass have a look at it."

<end snip>

"So," said Phil as he went closer to the frozen arm/gate.."Should it be doing that?"

"Doing what?" replied Ransom

"Well...pulsating with a sort of wum-wumWUM noise?"

Phil tried to contain a burp, but the cheap lager he'd been drinking let loose. The small cloud of mouth.gas wafted towards the gate and on contact turned bright yellow and vanished in a small static like explosion.

"Thank smeg that MP's not here right now. The noxious one could cause an explosion. Where is that clone of yours Phil anyway?" - This was Ransom again.

"Last time i saw him he said he had some business to attend, then was going to visit the Archivers about something. Knowing him some 4-d goat smut or soomething equally foul....Wait a minuite...The Archivers!"

"And who would they be?"

"Some kind of cult/religion that formed a long tim ago who worship the BD crew as gods or at least living avatars of gods...could never quite work that out. They seem to like me for some odd reason and keep kidnapping me at odd moments. Like one time I hadn't even fisnihed wipping my ar..."

Ransom waved his hand "I get the rather disturbing mental image..but why bring them up now?"

"Well they have the same level of technological genius as I do and they know a a thing or two about *Phil waved his hand in the direction of the gate* Downside is their tech is not relaibale an...wait a miunite...I've done this allready with the weapons back on that space station. I don't think we should be involving their technoogy in something like this?"

Brett stood besides the two and spoke up "Yet you think we are experts?"

Phil pointed to Ransom , "Well Ronald here ...sorry I mean Ransom..can handle thins here. I agree their techonology is extremly unstable but they may have some knowedge on how to help."

Eve spoke up now "Phil I mean this with all the senerity i can muster. If you bring anything of their technoogy here I will personally remove your testicles and mke them in novelty earings. That and the fact I think you are startiung to rely on them a bit too much"

"Point taken. I wont bring any technology back with me. But when you got acces to a religion who think you are a god of war, taking advantage of them is well, what they want. And besides I...."

Phil never got to finish his sentance as he promptly vanished in a small sparkly effect that sounded like *plib*. A few seconds later a small data pad arrived in his place. Ranom caught it and pressed play on the flashing screen. Phil's face appeard.

"Yo there..Guess what...those bloody archivers took me again because they knew I was talking about them. Anyway, from what I can tell there is no record here of these in their ..well archives...(to off camera) Yes i said it now put your clothes back on (back to camera) Anyway, I'l get them to send me back the mean time..RANSOM MACINTYRE STAY OUT OF MY FRIDGE!!! Yes MP i can see the chicken, very nic...PUT DOWN THAT POULTRY RIGHT NOW OR I WILL KI..." The video cut out, leaving those present no wiser than before. In fact the confusion level had raised slighty.

OOC: As I'm not sure when i'll be able to post again over the next month or so, I thought I'd have Phil go off for a bit. He will return, probably in some kind of amusing situation. If you need/want to talk to him, can use the pad as it acts like a phone

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