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Summary: When he walks into a kitchen, the oven doors open on their own, begging for him to put something in.

Brett Bishop

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Civillians & Other


Canadian, human.


Primary Occupation: Chef
Secondary Specialty: Disc Jockey

Physical Appearance

Brett stands at roughly six feet from the ground with a lean frame, medium length dark hair that's a little messy and green eyes. On his back is a tattoo proclaiming “Cook of Die” the unfortunate victim of a slurred night of drinking after passing the chef’s exam.
Brett wears a pair of hololens glasses made by Czerka Corporation. They are programmed to show the recipes of currently 876,721 recipes from all around Earth and even some of it's colonized planets, which he can then display on the lenses.
He is also never apart from his spice pack, a small container containing a samples of twelve of the most flavourful spices in the known galaxy as voted by over one thousand chefs in a poll conducted by the Gastronomic Gazette 2047 Fall Edition.

Personality and Interests

When Brett isn't whipping up a tasty dish with whatever is available, he enjoys helping others with chores and activities. He's a polite young man, always deferring to higher ranks and complimenting good behavior. Nothing really seems to bother him unless he is unable to prepare some form of a meal, snack or nibble every few hours.
He's also excessively, some may say overly polite. Usually apologizing for some slight he thinks he may have performed even before he's accused of it. He sometimes refers to cooking and the consumption of food in an unintentionally sexy way.

Brett is a big fan of Norwegian death metal and can play guitar.


Brett grew up in Alberta, Canada but his family moved to New Detroit at the age of four, after it had been sold to Canada in exchange for rights to their ice, circa 2050. The Canadian Government cleaned up the city and transformed it into the hub of the food industry. Commercial and exclusive chains, cooking schools and universities, Tim Hortons, all of it was now located in the former state, creating the first province whose entire infrastructure was built on the food industry. Their provincial motto was "Your Table for Four to the Great White North." It was a write-in contest.

Brett had a fairly plain childhood. His Mother, Kitty, worked for the GELF engineering labs funded by the Gov’t and Lulu, his other Mother, sold Zero-G sneakers. Brett was poised to be the first real success of the family since his younger brother won the prestigious Smile of the Year award as voted by the readers of Dental Daily: The Magazine for Discerning Dentists sponsored by Dentyne Gum. His older sister, Sammy worked for the Jupiter Mining Company and generally avoided the family, except for Brett whom she was fond of.

Education-wise, Brett worked his way through kindergarten (d'oeuvres prep), seven years of grade school (sandwiches and soups), two years junior high (salads) and five years sr. high school (breakfasts and baking). He won a scholarship and attended Cushing University established by Canada’s famous chef and celebrity, Christine Cushing.
He majored in Soy Sausages for the first year during the Bovine Rebellion of 2065*, then switched to Meat Entrees after the Tenderloin Trials finished in ‘67.

*The Bovine Rebellion occurred when an animal rights activist group named Nature’s Best stole two cases of human DNA strands which contained nearly 400 vials of DNA from the country’s best military minds and strategists, then injected them randomly into 150 herds of cattle that was ready to be processed. This resulted in the cattle developing human feelings, emotions and intelligence. This was due to a self-replicating and cloning accelerent spurred on by an intelligent viral strain based on the common cold. The DNA would have been used to create the next crop of military minds.
In short, the activists created a highly intelligent, self-aware and very angry breed of bovine, with a slight case of the sniffles.

He graduated top of his class in 2069 but unfortunately the food market had crashed. The economy never really recovered after the Bovine Rebellion and people were very hesitant to eat beef, for fear of an errant human DNA strand may be swimming around in their burger. Pork had already been banned in Canada and the Bird Flu of ‘59 had decimated the chicken industry to which it still had not fully recovered from. Fish he thought was stinky and he didn't want to work with them.
The Canadian population was now 89% Vegan. The other 11% used I.V. tubes, not trusting any solid food whatsoever for fear of intelligent broccoli staging a coup.

Brett, as with most graduates, went into a career that had nothing to do with his major and became a disc jockey for a year. He was soon contacted by his sister Sammy and told to enter the Space Corps as they needed cooks and he could bypass most of the training and exams. Brett was hesitant at first but was told that the Space Corps still used real meat, albeit in an almost unrecognized form. That didn't matter to Brett, he quit his job and applied to the Corps. As Sammy thought he fast-tracked into the service, acing all his cooking exams and by 2074 was placed with the Jupiter Mining Company, the same company as Sammy, although placed on-board the Blue Dwarf, sister-ship to her position on Red Dwarf.

Brett was finally able to show his skills with food and was having the time of his life getting to know the crew and seeing other planets. It was fantastic right up to the point when he was ordered into cryo-sleep because of an impending radiation leak or some such thing.

He had just put a cake in the oven too.

Favourite Sayings

"Y'know, some spices would pep that right up!"


"Get ready for an oral orgasm."

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