Goo Begone

Leveling his weapon, the trooper fired another blast of purple liquid at Jamie, forcing him back into cover as the viscous gunk splashed off the doorway near his head, spattering his face and clothes.

With the time gate collapsing behind him, the armored figure cocked another temporal anchor into the chamber of his blaster's under-barrel launcher and wheeled to level the weapon at Ransom.

“Whoa - Easy!” Ransom held up his hands as he emerged from behind one of several hastily upturned tables “We mean you no harm. Where are you from?”

Seeing him, already coated in purple gunge, the figure ignored him, pulling up his weapon and turning instead, to stride towards where Brett and Eve were sheltering, each footstep a dull, servo-assisted thud.

“Wait!” Ransom called after him as with a distant, rumbling thump, the lights suddenly went out "...What?"

After the lights went out Evelina started chocking on the fajitas. She was gasping for air while waving her hands randomly in the dark hoping to get help. Normally she would have screamed but that became impossible as she was nervously eating the delicious fajitas that Brett made earlier. Not only were they very delicious but Evelina was very nervous as the armored humanoid was heading for them causing her to binge eat the mouth watering fajitas. As she gasped for air she didn't realize she was flailing her hands through Penny's body. Then the emergency red lights came on allowing Penny to see Evelina better.

Penny on the other hand was a bit freaked out by this and whispered to Brett, "Umm something is wrong with your friend."

Brett replied, "Huh? What fri...."

Evelina accidentally smacked Brett in the face as he leaned in to close to see what was going on. It was then that Brett realized she was in trouble as she flailed in the dim light and moved behind her. Brett reacted quickly gave her the Heimlich maneuver. While the two were distracted by trying to help Evelina they forgot about the armored figure approaching them. Evelina held her throat as she gasped for air each time Brett squeezed her gut. Suddenly as the armored figured turned the corner and looked at the three crew members on the floor as Brett was squeezing Evelina from behind. The armored person cocked its head to the side in confusion for a bit then proceeded to aim it goo gun at them. Suddenly Evelina managed to cough up the fajitas with the last squeeze from Brett. The pieces of fajita meat flew at an amazing speed as they hit the face mask of the armored person and lodged into the barrel of the pistol unknown to everyone. Evelina gasped for air while the armored person tried to wipe off the saliva covered fajitas from its visor. However all it managed to do was smear up its visor with the combination of grease and spit.

Penny stood up and gestured to Brett as she said, "Brett this might be a good time too........"

Brett pull Evelina up as he replied, "Get the hell out of here!"

After staggering to her feet Evelina ran with Brett and Penny down the hall as the armored person managed to aim blindly at the three crew members who were running away and pulled the trigger. Brett, Evelina and Penny ran for their lives as they looked back to see the gun pointed at them. Suddenly the armored person pulled the trigger to see nothing came out. It aimed and fired again several more times only to see nothing came out. Then the armored person turned the goo gun around to look down the barrel but had trouble with the smeared grease and spit on its visor. As it figited with the gun it tried to reload it only to have a large amount of goo explode in its face. The armored person panicked as it tried to wipe off the goo that covered all of its face and upper chest. Jamie and Ransom took this time to run past the armored person to catch up with Brett, Evelina and Penny. As they ran down the hall they could hear a disturbing moan coming from the armored person.

Evelina looked at the guys as she said, "We need to find some weapons fast before that thing finds us again."

Jamie said, "Agreed. Holly warn the others we have company and it doesn't seem friendly."

Holly did not respond so Ransom said, "Perhaps there are more than just one on the ship."

Jamie gritted his teeth as he said, "That means we are on our own for now. I would suggest we head to the armory but we are headed the wrong way. Any ideas?"

Ransom said, "Well we could just collect a few parts and make a feasible but crude weapon."

Jamie said, "We might night have the time for that if the metal man finds us first.

Evelina said, "Well we could go to Jaxx's lab. He still has a lot of guns there and he doesn't use them anymore.

Ransom asked, "Jaxx? As in the sharkman who left us?"

Evelina answered, "Yes, that one."

Jamie asked, "Can you get us in there?"

Evelina answered, "As long as no one gets in our way."

Jamie said, "Then lets hope for the best. Lead the way Eve."

Evelina nodded as she lead the others through several corridors and up a few levels till they were close to Jaxx's MACO lab. However before Evelina could get out in the open, Jamie grabbed her arm and pulled her back as he made the 'Shhhh' gesture and put one finger on his lips. Evelina was confused till she heard the loud meat footsteps in the main hall by the lab. as they peeked around the corner they saw another metal man near the lab. It seemed to be confused as it looked around for the crew members. The crew waited patiently as the metal man paced around before heading off down a distant hallway. The crew debated on their next move to see if they should wait or make a run for the weapons in the lab.

TAG (Will they make it to the lab or find a new surprise?)

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