I Am Boyd - FPFN

<You know Boyd, but do you really know Boyd?>

What am I really? A lot of people who meet me ask that same question. On the outside people may say, "you're insane" or "you're a lunatic." Well, to be honest, they can't be farther from the truth. It's a rare occasion to see me speak as I do right now, it really is. This is mainly because they react off of the outside image instead of the inside condition. I'm not insane, I'm not a lunatic. I appear to be, but really, I'm hurt, I'm damaged. It seems a bit far fetched from what they're used to seeing me as instead of who I really am. I mean I can blame the system for what I am, I can blame the institutions, but really, it's the cards you're dealt in life.

Now, when I was 13, I was placed in a school for kids with "special problems." They think "Oh, he was just insane when he was born." Well, that's not the case. At a young age I was hit with life a bit earlier then I should have been. When I was about three, my brother was murdered and honestly I didn't know what that meant. I heard of this corporation that took him away, and really that's where all that paranoia comes from. [To break from the dialogue, yes, I do believe there is a CFTCOAH Inc. out there, my brother came back home in a box marked as such and I believe they have something to do with a lot of crap going down around here.] But, long story short, I didn't know how to grasp it exactly, I broke down a lot. My parents stuck me in the school and I believe they were pushed to do so.

Through flight school, I met a lot of people that wouldn't even give me their time. But, out of all those people, there was one guy named Chet. Chet really understood where I was coming from and that's how I met someone that could really help me along in life. I would go with him to finish school and work for TitanGo. After my little breakdown, the only one to still work with me, Chet. So Chet and I went and became private pilots for people around Titan. Then, one day, it just all happened so fast. We were flying, and I went to the bathroom and came back to find Chet dead in the cockpit. I didn't know how to grasp my best friend suddenly dying, and really that is what truly broke me. Then I drifted for a few months, considered missing on Titan. Then, I stumbled upon the nice people on the Blue Dwarf that would take me in and give me a job.

So, there you have it. You might not have been wondering about who I truly am, but now you know just in case the question gets raised. Really, I'm just someone who needs help and someone who needs people around him. So next time you see me crush a beer can on my forehead, or shotgunning a six pack at once in front of your eyes, or you see me rambling about CFTCOAH. Just realize it's kind of my coping mechanism, because I really don't know what else to do. But remember, I'm not a lunatic, I'm not insane, I look like it, but I'm really just Boyd. And I hope you love me for that.


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