A Helping Hand?


*** The console fell away from the wall and both men cheered. “Sorry,” he exhaled, trying to catch his breath, “didn't catch the last bit. Do it again?”
“I said see if you can find an armory, if they have weapons we might be able to use them.”
“This seems like a science ship, I doubt they have one, but if we find anything we'll grab it.”
The radio squeaked as the channel cleared. “Right, well, Mr. Weathers, let's see if we whip up something to finish off this console, eh?”
“Sounds fun...” he chuckled while they both caught their breath. ***

The sign on the screen flashed continually, since his encounter with the Huzzards and the Hologramatic lights Gavin had been engrossed in in trying to figure out. What exactly they were and as usual he just about forgot everything else.

Taking a small pause as he reached out for the beer he had on his desk, Gavin finally took notice of the sign flashing to alert him to the fact he had a message waiting. "Play" he called out as he took a swig and flip the page of data over, it was a short message but it was enough to get him heading for the door apparently a ship had been fount with some form of life on-board and they needed an engineer or two down there to help figure out how this thing got here.


After a short and relatively uneventful Journey he finally reached the location of Dr South, Boyd Weathers and a destroyed console "Uh hi, don't want to interrupt your fun guys but what's happening?" Gavin asked a bit weary about a destroyed console
"Grab a console and star destroying something" Boyd announced as he and Dr South carried on taking consoles apart.

Grabbing a piece of the former console that seemed sturdy enough he headed on over to the console and fell flat on his face, picking himself up he noticed the dead person "Jesus," he exclaimed "What happened to that guy?" Gavin questioned completely oblivious to anything that had happened over the past few days.


OOC: Hi guys, sorry this is short I was just hoping to get Gavin in on the action here.

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