FIRST PERSON FORTNIGHT - Behind enemy lines

Sometimes I hate this job.
This Santa Anna blokes a total bellend, but I’ve got orders from the STCP to help him win the battle of the Alamo.
History say’s he’s meant to win, and, who am I to argue with history.
Word is, a group of time-bandits from smeg-knows-where arrived in Durango a few weeks ago, a little while after I jumped out all those years ago… and joined the Texian army, bringing with them advanced weaponry that could turn the tide here.
Why, I don’t know, but it’s my job to protect the timeline, and in this case it means making sure the Mexicans win here no matter what.
I tried to have them taken out before they arrived at the Alamo. My operator, back at HQ thought it’d be funny to send alternate versions of himself dressed as Napoleon back her to fight the Texan’s with help from the Comanches, but Colonel Neill’s platoon took them out like they weren’t there with a mini-gun and a smegging shark cannon…
Phil got excited over the comm when that happened, I think he’s gonna try to invent one of those transforming weapons himself…
So, I’m down to plan B. I didn’t wanna have to do this, but it’s all the choice I have left. Fight fire with fire.
“How’s it coming on?” I shout over to one of Santa Anna’s men.
“Ees coming on good senor!” he said, stereotypically, and gestured over the to machine.
It was incredible what you could achieve with a little…insight.
Before me stood an immense armoured vehicle, a tank, built from iron and powered by steam. The main cannon resembled a giant six, shooter with a revolving bullet chamber, but it was a thing of beauty.
“De prototype ees complete!” said the Mexican “We have only a leetle more work to do on the rest”
“They’d best be ready” I replied “You have no idea what Neill’s troops are capable of”
“Dey weell be senor!”
“What about the air forces?”
“A leetle trickier dere senor”
“In what way?”
“De aircraft are built and ready to fly, but de pilots, dey’ve never flown before, no-one has…”
“I’ve been personally training them” I snapped “They’ll be fine, besides the Texan’s won’t know what to make of an air assault…” I didn’t want to say that the enemy probably had anti-air weaponry that was more than capable of punching a hole through a steam-powered bi-plane with cloth wings.
Still…the Phoenix was no more out-matched in some of the fights I took her into, and I always came out on top…
“Senor!” came a voice from ahead. “It ees in position!”
“About time!” I said, the machine this soldier was controlling remotely was especially impressive.
“General!” I shouted “Time for your message…”
I tossed a holo-lens to the floor and gesture for Santa Anna, who emerged from his tent at my call to stand in front of it.
“Like we rehearsed, General.
“How does this work?” he asked, I made a motion with my hand to indicate he should start talking. He shrugged and looked back at the camera.
“I am General Antonio López de Santa Anna” he said pompously “and this is your one and only chance
“We have new and powerful allies, as I’m sure” he gestured “this amazing machine will demonstrate”
De Santa Anna paused to look squarely into the camera “Give up, Texans. Give up and run. Run as fast and far as you can, or else the Alamo will be grave”
Turning, he looked back at me “Will that suffice Señor Chrysler?”
“Yeah, whatever” I replied, shutting down the device with the control on my nano-suits wrist.
“We move at dawn” I said, “Whatever happens, the Alamo MUST fall.”
<oooooh….thats right. The bad dude’s are being helped by a past version of Jay…>

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