OOC - wordsmith

Fine. Theres the door. *points*

We know we're not the most active game around, but, most of us have very busy lives outside of the internet.

Like, actual outside too. Not just from the browser window to a session of warcraft.

This week alone Ive had to take my daughter to some settling in days at school, and make up time at work later in the week - my usual 10 hour day becoming 14 at least twice this week.

My wifes been working even later, so until she gets home at 10pm im putting my daughter to bed, doing the housework, cooking the dinner and then get a whole hour with her before i have to hit the sack for work the next day.

I've spent most of my working week picking apart a four-vehicle pile up on a motorway which saw a chemical tanker break through the central reservation, shearing off it's axles and heading into oncoming traffic spilling its load across three lanes, closing the road for 6 hours and injuring several people.

With lives like this we don't have time, or the inclination to sit at our screens 24 hours a day just to satisfy your impatience.

Every other member here knows the score and have been happy with the slow pace.

And, we must be doing something right to have lasted 15 years.

Next time you have an issue - bring it to the mods rather than post publically.

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