After the encounter with the person called Grayman, Tu'Vass felt herself fall after the portal opened. She felt herself hit the ground rather hard. It was enough to knock her out cold, on the hot ground. Tu'Vass was out for hours.

"Look here boys." a mans voice said, giving Tu a little nudge with his boot.
"We got a live one boss?" Another voice asked.
"Yeah. Fella's looks like we got the perfect sales item here." the Leader said. "Tie her up Mills." he said as the men set to work tying her up and gagging her. Tu was still out cold.
"To bad we can't have some fun." one said to another. "They won't buy if its damaged you idiot." the leader chimed in as he threw her on the back of the horse

Tu'Vass awoke to the pain of her stomach and ribs bouncing on the back of a horse. She opened her eyes in a wide panic. Her mouth pulled back hard at the corners to keep from speaking other then weird painful mumbling. She wiggled until she fell of the horse not seeing the other 5 men before doing so, landing on her back knocking the wind out of herself. As tear tried to get out of her eyes someone stopped there horse and threw her back on the leaders horse."

After an hour of painful riding, for her. They ended up in town. As they rode in some men started to follow gathering for what they knew was happening. The sale of a nice 'worker'. Tu'Vass noticed South, even though he may have made her uncomfortable before he would know her voice even if she looked different. Some how she was now dark skinned and had long black hair. Even her clothes changed into strange cloth that was long cloth strips for 'pants', a wide band of cloth around her chest and currently a few feathers in her hair.

"You are gonna make us a killing, you cute little thing." the Leader said. "Say something in your weird language show them that cute voice." he said and Tu'Vass called out to South. "Dr. South Help!" she shouted her voice coming out as not English or her own but as Native American.

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