“Gelf Elf” Cass spat, twisting the body of the small already regenerating creature so that it split in two and tossed one half into the fire.

“Gelf Elf?” Jade queried, with a grimace as the bones in the little body snapped.

“Elephant Lizard Fly.” Cass said, “One of Brittany’s creations. Designed to be tough, regenerative and small.” Jay watched the flames in the forge curl up and destroy the little ugly body. Cass tossed the other half in once the first was gone.

“Yea, not many of them out there. They pilot these human like bodies which in actual fact are mechanised ships.” Jay clarified.

“Like in Meet Dave?” Eve asked.

“Yeah, kind of…” Jay said, not really getting the archaic film reference. Jamie emerged from beneath the DeLorian, covered head to toe in grease and engine crud.

“It’s no good. I can’t get it running. The second this baby is turned on it’ll go up like a bottle rocket on the fourth of July… A nuclear powered bottle rocket…” He wiped his hands on his pants. They came away unchanged as his pants had that much grease on too. “What?” He queried as Jay and Cass exchanged a grin. Jade elbowed him and pointed to the car.

“Think about it…” she said, grinning. Jamie looked blank again.

“Hasta la vista…” Jay said, and made a small explosion noise and a gesture of a nuke going off. A light bulb dawned on Jamie.

“Oooooh…” He said, also grinning.

“We still need horses, and away to make this look like a wagon.” Jay said, mulling over the prospect.

“Well I’m sorted.” Jade said, “But one isn’t enough… I guess there must be a ranch nearby that we can… borrow… from?” She said, “I mean, I... or... this person… However it works. Must have some from a ranch somewhere…” She tailed off.

“That or we just get everyone pissed and take the horses from the Sherriff, the townspeople and the three military guys in the bar...” Eve said with a shrug.


OOC – Ok, one super weapon down… but who is the lucky one to blow up in it? Or can Jamie rig it to remote trigger? We still need horses, supplies and small arms… Got any other ideas how to acquire them?

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