"I've Fallen and, What the Heck Is This?"

Once more Justina experienced those flutters in her stomach. ("Again?" Hoo boy. Now what?")
As she felt herself floating downwards she looked below her. "Yikes! That's a long ways!"
She saw mostly what appeared to be desert. (She could never be sure he eyes were seeing reality.) "Looks awful solid. Is this going to hurt?"
She touched ground. Sort of. "Ouch! Right on the old keister. Hope it didn't leave a bruise."
She got up (of course. Walking was preferable to crawling. Especially on hard hot sand).
Looking around she saw a wooden building close by. (She had closed her eyes during the descent once she realized it was ground coming at her. She didn't notice the settlement.)
She turned her nose up. "Yeesh! Something sure stinks."
Then she saw the horses in the corral. "Oh."
Walking towards the stables she slipped into an alley between two structures and saw other people, then glanced at herself.
She knew all that leg flesh of hers showing seemed out of place.
Creeping around the back of the barn she found a pair of chaps somebody had laid over a fence rail.
"Good thing I'm tall," she said as she eventually managed to put them on.
Then she remembered her hair. "Yep. That's going to stand out here." She saw a hat lying in a trash pile. She noticed a couple of holes and stains. "Ventilation. Great! It's hot here."
Finally she neared a building with some weird noises coming from it. As she looked inside she saw lots of people.
She thought, ("Okay. So maybe I don't look so odd.")
Clear receptacles had liquids in them. ("Me thirsty.")
She stepped into the saloon, hearing talk of an alamo, whatever that was.
Some eyes turned towards her. She smiled nervously.
"Hey! What's a gal gotta do to get a drink?"
Then she thought about what she had just said. "Uh. Maybe I'd better rephrase that, folks."

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